John McCain Speaks
With the Voice of Experience

Arizona Senator John McCain approaches this Presidential Election, during a time of armed conflict, with the wisdom of experience. Not only does Senator McCain have experience as a military officer during armed conflict, a Navy LCDR flying A-4's over Vietnam, he was also a "guest" at the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" as an American POW for just under six years. He understands the sacrifices necessary to preserve freedom and democracy.

As a former POW, the Senator understands better than most people, including the other candidates, the price of war that is paid by our service members and their families.

And more importantly to the future of this country, he understands the price America will pay if we walk away from the global war on terror.

For those who cry, "Let the folks in Congress send their own sons and daughters to Iraq," voters should understand this:

John McCain has one son who is a Navy veteran,
one son at the U.S. Naval Academy
hoping to become a helicopter pilot,
and one son currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq

Not only does John McCain understand what it means to be involved in war as a member of the U.S. military, he also shares and understands the concerns of those thousands of American parents with sons and daughters in the military during this time of war. Among the 2008 Presidential candidates, this makes him uniquely qualified to lead this country at this particular moment in its history.

John McCain has often been a controversial figure, much criticized for being outspoken, and for taking unpopular positions.

But you know where he stands. And he stands firm in his beliefs. That's a welcome change from the "wafflers" whose current position is determined by the latest opinion poll.

The 2008 Presidential Election

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Of the major Presidential candidates, only John McCain has military experience. Will that be important in this election?

Senator John McCain speaks with the voice of experience.
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We've not had a chance to check its claims for authenticity, but we found this interesting commentary on Obama's extended family, including a number of photos. We advise you to conduct your own check for authenticity of these assertions.

To find out which candidate's views are closest to your own, take the survey at the Minnesota Public Radio site. You can also view the cumulative data and the candidates' positions on the major issues by clicking on the tabs. The issues covered include: the war in Iraq, Iran and nuclear power, immigration reform, tax cuts, collapse of the mortgage industry, education, social security, and health care, among others.
Presidential Primary Calendar
Links to the candidates' campaign sites.

Regardless of which candidate you support, be sure to VOTE!
Military Absentee Voting
Restrictions on political activities by military members
Informed voters can learn what's really happening on the ground in Iraq
Bad Voodoo's War
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it

Voice Your Opinion! Tell us which candidate you support and why.

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Some previous reader comments:

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