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Do you have money problems or money worries? Need help with managing your money so it lasts till the end of the month?

Most people have some sort of money problem they need to solve. Almost everyone wants to make more money, or get out of debt, or both.

We'd like to offer you the opportunity for some help with managing your money problems, so you can get your life in order and eliminate your money worries. In the form below, describe your money worries with sufficient detail that we can offer some suggestions to help solve your cash management problem.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a place to request a loan or a grant. As much as we'd like to help, we do not have resources to help with, and we don't have staff to research and verify your situation. We will have to simply delete any such requests.

There are organizations out there that can help. Please go to our Military Family Resources page for a list of resources that might be able to help you. Or, if you don't find what you need there, type into the Google search box "veterans assistance" (without quotes) and the name of the town where you live for a list of local resources.

This page is for requesting help with money management.

Please provide the following details in your submission. These are non-identifying details that will provide us with information necessary to provide you with help tailored to your particular money worries, without compromising your privacy.

In order for us to be able to help more readers, the problems you submit will be published, but without any information that could be used to identify you. This will enable the answer to your question to also help future readers, and it will enable other readers to add additional comments or suggestions to help you.

There's a good chance that some of our other readers may have faced the same money problems that you now face, and they will be able to share with you how they solved their money worries.

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  • How many children live in your home? Are you providing child support for children who do not live with you? If so, how much per month?
  • Do you have other family members living with you? If so, do they contribute income towards living expenses, and if so, how much?
  • What city do you currently live in? (This will help us point you to local resources)
  • What is the money problem you would like help with? Please give us enough detail that we will be able to understand the problem and offer useful suggestions to help you with your money problems.

Want Help With Your Money Problems?

Share your money problems here to get answers. Be sure to provide the details requested above.

Chime in and answer someone else's question, or offer your insights or experience.

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Money Problems Submitted By Readers

The links below will take you to the money worries and comments submitted by other readers ...

Need Consolidation Loan to Pay Off Payday Loans 
I wrote out some payday loans to help family members out, was promised a repayment. Never heard from them again. I just couldn't pay them and now they …

Disabled Vet in Alabama Needs Help With Food and Bills 
I'm a disabled vet, trying to get some food and help with bills. I just lost my truck, and now my credit is bad. Terry, first, thank you for …

OIF Vet Victim of Government Shutdown - Needs Help With Rent 
I'm an OIF veteran that has fallen victim to the government shutdown, and now I'm behind on rent. My situation probably isn't very unique. I probably …

VA Disability Claim for Military Sexual Trauma  
Jen writes: I served from 1993-2001 in the Army Reserves. While I was in AIT. I was sexually assaulted by a Sgt. - basically raped at knife point and …

Disabled Military Retiree Needs A Helping Hand While Waiting for Disability Appeal 
Tom writes: I feel totally powerless, worthless, and am almost to the point of running away from everyone and everything!!!! Desperate isn't even a …

Army Reservist Plagued by Problems 
When will the rain stop? • Miltech working full time with the Army Reserves • GS7 During the work week and E6 during drill days. • Army Reserve, …

100% Disabled Vet Needs Help 
I am a 100% disabled vet. Because of my medical problems my wife left me, and left me to try to pay for everything. I have already lost my home and …

Vietnam Vet Needs Financial Assistance 
I am a Vietnam Vet who needs financial assistance at the moment, and I'm hoping someone will be able to help. I served 7 years in the Army (1963 to …

Need Help With Money 
I need help with money problems. We're a family of four - my husband, 2 wonderful children and me. Oh, and a cat and dog. We have had money problems …

Veteran Needs Help Fast 
This veteran needs help fast. I was wounded in '06 and again in '08. I am out of the Army now, with an honorable discharge. No job will hire me -- …

Emergency Travel Assistance Needed 
Hello, I am a Gulf War 100% percent disabled veteran living in Germany and need help on getting home to see my dying grandmother, who is 98 years old. …

Veteran just out of the Army Needs Help 
I'm a US Army veteran, recently discharged (honorably) as a SGT after 6 yrs service, and I need some help. I just ETS'd, signed up for college and the …

VA Health Care Question 
I was wounded in 2004. It shattered my right shoulder and arm; it had to be reconstructed. I also had a TBI. I have a crushed pituitary gland caused …

I need help!! 
My name is Greg and I proudly served aboard the USS Ranger in the US Navy. On October 5, 2010, a massive infection required the amputation of my left …

I have no money to live on 
My husband hasen't been working for two years and we have been liveing off his 41k plan to get by. He has been locking for work but so far hasen't found …

Need Money Help 
I need money help. This is truly the hardest times in my life. I am about to lose everything. First off, i have no job and haven't in quite a while, …

Low Interest Credit Card? 
Credit cards - yes, we need them - yes, I hate them! I'm a veteran that scrapes by with my disabled vets check. I had to buy my last vehicle, a …

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