Emergency Travel Assistance Needed

by Herbert Holmes
(Wurzburg, Germany)

Hello, I am a Gulf War 100% percent disabled veteran living in Germany and need help on getting home to see my dying grandmother, who is 98 years old. I haven't seen her in ten years because of my illness, which made it impossible to travel long distances wearing clothes (due to chronic skin problem).

Although I am still very sick, I'm not dying, but she is and I need to say goodbye. She practically raised me growing up and I am her only grandson.

In addition; her only two sons are deceased, my father and uncle. I think I can pay for the Airplane ticket but wouldn't have a place to stay when I get to the USA ( New Jersey) to see her.

The Euro over here eats the dollar alive, but I still must also make sure my handicapped wife is provided for.

So financially, I'm at a stand-still and need help. The doctors don't expect my grandmother to live throughout the month.

Any help would be appreciated.

Herbert Holmes

Herbert, first allow us to thank you for your service to our country. We're very sorry to hear of your resulting medical issues, and to hear of your grandmother's grave condition.

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with what assistance might be available to you as a US military
veteran living in Germany.

My best recommendation for you would be to start with the American Red Cross. Follow the link for contact information for their three locations in Germany. If they cannot assist you, perhaps they can recommend someone who can.

You might also contact the chaplain's office at the U.S. military installation nearest you. They should also know of local assistance available to you, and may be able to connect you with a chaplain's office near your grandmother's home to see if they can assist you with lodging.

I would recommend you also check into the possibility of space-available travel. You may be able to get a seat on a flight from Ramstein AFB to McGuire or Andrews. The link will take you to information for Space-A travel from Ramstein. If you could do that, then you could use the money you have to pay for your lodging once you arrive.

I removed your e-mail address to protect you from spambots, but if any of our readers would like to offer direct assistance, they can contact me, and, with your permission, I will provide them with your e-mail address so they can contact you directly.

We hope you are able to find the resources necessary to visit your grandmother. Please let us know if you find the help you need.

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Emergency Travel Assistance
by: Sentinel Med

I hope the man in need has received help.

We hope so, too. Unfortunately, we haven't heard from him again.

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