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If you're one of those people who has the foresight and wisdom to own your own business, or one of those people who wants to own your own business but doesn't quite know how to make it happen, we think you'll find the resources listed here to be helpful.

And frankly, if you don't yet have your own business (whether home-based or brick-and-mortar), you're not maximizing either your income or your tax deductions!

When we started thinking about this program we wanted to build to help military families with their financial issues, we knew it was a service that was much-needed, but we weren't quite sure exactly how to go about making it happen. So we started looking around for resources that could help us.

Here, we're sharing with you some of the resources we've found helpful, in hopes of saving you some time (and money) weeding through all the GRQ (that's Get-Rich-Quick) schemes out there in search of products and tools that REALLY work. We've invested years and tens of thousands of dollars in checking out courses and information designed to help you improve your financial situation.

About Our Recommendations

You can be certain that any recommendation you will find here is made because we believe it is a product that is a good value for the investment, that it presents valuable and useful information, and that it will genuinely help you in your quest to create your own business or otherwise improve your family's financial future.

For the most part, our recommendations are based on personal knowledge and research. Some are based on recommendations from business people we know and trust. When that is the case, we'll tell you. Some of these we may make a small commission on, others we receive nothing from, other than the satisfaction of knowing we've passed along valuable information to you.

Your Trust is More Important to Us Than a Fast Buck

Maintaining your trust in us and providing you with valuable information is far more important to us than "making a fast buck." We're mindful that your budget is tight, and you can't afford to spend money on products that offer little to no value. We've turned down opportunities to sell advertising to companies that did not meet our recommendation criteria, and even refused to exchange links with them, and we will continue to do so.

We're very protective of our military families, and will do what we can to make sure you don't get "taken" by some unscrupulous internet marketer. So we won't recommend products we know nothing about just to make a few bucks. We will only recommend products that we are confident will deliver value for your money, regardless of whether we get paid a commission.

Fair enough? OK, let's get started.

Home-Based Businesses

For military families especially, having a home-based business has numerous benefits and pays off in multiple ways. We invite you to consider these factors as you evaluate any potential business opportunity, including a job you or your spouse may be applying for.

First, we recommend you look for a business that can be operated from wherever you happen to be, so that when you receive orders, you know you won't lose that stream of income because of the move. Just knowing that income will continue after the move can eliminate a lot of the stress of moving.

Next, by having a business that is operated from home, you eliminate a lot of the costs associated with having a job outside the home. For example, you'll eliminate the cost of commuting, which can definitely add up over time, especially as gas prices continue to yo-yo up and down. Don't forget to add in the money you'll save on insurance, tires, maintenance, etc.

And there won't be the necessity of a special "work wardrobe," which can also save a good bit of money, depending on what type of work you do. For example, as an attorney working in a downtown law firm, you would need a number of well-made business suits (and accessories, of course), which you would have to wear daily. (Don't forget to add in the cost of dry-cleaning, and gas to get to and from the cleaners.) But if you work from a home office, you only need a few suits, to wear when you have client appointments or meetings with other attorneys. The rest of the time, you can work in jeans, or even your jammies (but please, if you work in your jammies -- or less -- I wouldn't recommend video conferences!).

Perhaps the most important reason to have a home-based business if you are a parent is that it allows you to be at home with your children. That has multiple dividends, some financial, others that result in a better quality of life for your family. The obvious financial benefit is that you will eliminate the cost of child care, which is usually the largest single expense for a working parent.

The non-financial benefits are that you will have a closer relationship with your children, you won't miss important stages in their development (don't you hate it when they take their first steps at child-care?), and you'll get to know their friends and have a better handle on what they're really doing.

Generally, the biggest financial benefit you will receive from having your own business (whether a home-based business or otherwise), aside from the income itself, is when it comes time to pay income taxes. Here's why: tax loopholes are created by Congress, and historically, members of Congress have been real estate investors and business owners. So guess which two groups have the largest number of available loopholes? Yep, you got it. RE investors and business owners.

Learning and taking advantage of those loopholes created for business owners will let you KEEP more of the money you make!

The US Has Two Systems of Taxation

Supreme Court Justice Learned Hand once commented that we have two systems of taxation in this country: one for the informed, and one for the uninformed. Trust us, you want to be one of the informed!

As an individual, you pay taxes first, on your gross income, then you cover your expenses (if you can) with what's left over. Since most Americans pay nearly 50 percent of their income in various taxes, what that means is that in order to have $1 to spend to pay your expenses, you'll have to make $2, because Uncle Sam will get his share first.

Businesses, however, pay their expenses first, and only pay taxes on what's left over after the expenses are covered (profits). What a great idea!

And once you learn how many of your current expenses could be classified as business expenses if done properly, you'll wonder why you waited so long to start your own business!

This is one of the best-kept secrets about how to improve your financial picture -- it's well-known in the circles of business owners, but if you grew up in a family that didn't own businesses but just worked for them, chances are you've never heard about it.

And it's one of the primary arguments made by Rich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki in explaining that in order to build real wealth for your family, it is essential for you to own your own business. VERY few W-2 wage earners (workers) ever "make it big" financially and create real wealth for their families, because the opportunities are just not as plentiful as they are for business owners.

As we said at the top of the page, if you don't yet have your own business, you're not maximizing your income. And by maximizing your tax deductions, you keep more of the money you earn! In order to maximize your deductions, you need to own at least one business.

Convinced? Or at least curious?

OK, let's take a look at some business opportunities and other resources.

Internet Businesses

If you want to build a web site, or want to improve traffic for one you already have, we highly recommend the company that helped us build this site. When we started this site in February of 2007, we truly knew NOTHING about building web sites. But we followed the steps described in their Action Guide, asked some questions in the exclusive user forums about specific things, and did what "they" told us to.

Our first page "went live" on March 1, 2007. On May 29, our page stats showed we'd had visitors during the month of May from 30 different countries, so people all over the world were already discovering us. On August 9, we discovered that someone had located our site by typing "military money management" into Google's search engine. Out of curiosity, we followed that search to see how we ranked for that search term. To our absolute astonishment, five short months after building our first web page ever, our site ranked #4 on Google (out of a total of 46,600,000 results) for that search term.

How is that possible, you ask?

Well, frankly, if we hadn't seen it happen ourselves, we wouldn't believe it, either. But we can attribute that incredible rocket ride in the search engines to the company we used to build our site. (We really think they should be called "Successful Website Building for Dummies," because we certainly felt like dummies when we started.)

Even with our limited knowledge of "all things related to websites" (heck, we could barely spell HTML), their tools helped us build a site that has drawn rave reviews and ranked on the first page of Google results in just 159 days for a search term directly related to our site's theme.

We've never heard of anyone having such a meteoric rise through Google using any other set of web hosting and site building tools. But we've heard LOTS of similar stories from other site owners who used the same company to build their sites. The company is Sitesell, Inc., and the product that helped us build this site is called Site Build It! (SBI).

Still skeptical? Fair enough. We would be, too.

So, we want to answer all your questions, and enable you to explore all the angles you want, to examine this company and how it can help you build a business, not JUST a web site.

Follow the link, and we'll tell you where to find just about anything you could possibly want to know about how this company can help YOU build web sites that WORK! Even if you can't spell HTML. Even if you're not "techie." Regardless of your topic or expertise. You don't have to be an "expert" to build a top-notch, income-producing web site.

We even know of a gentleman who will turn 90 this year who's building his own site. If he can do it, surely you can, too.

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