Your Opinions on
President Barack Obama

What are your opinions of President Barack Obama, now that he's been in office for a few months?

Are you seeing the "change" you thought you would?

If you voted for him, do you feel he's kept his campaign promises? Or are you starting to feel he said whatever he needed to in order to get elected, and you feel disillusioned, thinking maybe you were deliberately misled?

Or, as a popular e-mail asks,
"How's that 'Hopey-Changey' thing working for you?"

There was a lively discussion on these pages during the 2008 Presidential election cycle. Now we'd like to know what you think of President Barack Obama, now that the dust has settled and he's begun instituting his sweeping policy changes.

If this doesn't startle you to your senses, what will it take?

Just a few guidelines: Keep it civil - this is a family-friendly site. And keep it intelligent. Comments like "He's an idiot" really aren't helpful, although they may make you feel better just to vent.

Instead of saying "He's an idiot," tell us WHY you think he's an idiot -- is it one of those famous Obama speeches, or another faux pas like bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia or wife Michelle putting her arm around the shoulders of Britain's Queen Elizabeth? Or is it just the sheer idiocy of some of the sweeping legislation he and the Democrat Congress have pushed through (without reading), one that will plunge our great-grandchildren's America into debt their generation can't hope to repay?

And how about all that bailout money? Where the heck did that go? Is anyone minding the store? Is that money really being handed out with no restrictions and no accountability? Has anyone noticed that the banks that were given money to lend aren't lending it -- they're just shoring up their balance sheets?

Or are you one of those people, like the majority of the mainstream media in this country, who think Barack Obama is the best President we've ever had? Again, tell us WHY you hold that opinion -- what is it that makes you think he's a great President?

So tell us, what do YOU think about President Barack Obama?

And if you want to talk about whether he's even eligible to be President, please follow the link to that conversation.

Voice Your Opinions
about President Barack Obama

Now that President Barack Obama has been in office for a few months, how do you rate his administration, and his particular brand of "change?"

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