The media outlets back Barack Obama

by Monte

Monte writes:

A question was asked of me - why do the major media outlets back BO?

Why don't they ask him the hard questions they asked President Bush?

My opinion and that of a lot of other people is they wanted BO to be President. They pushed his agenda and still do. Nor did they investigate BO 1/100th as deep as they did Bush on his second term. They were complacent or told to not go indepth as they should have.

Now I wonder why they do that? Think of NBC, of which the parent company is GE.


GE received over 10 Billon dollars in contracts from the US Government without review or the normal bidding process for solar generating devices. A lot of these 'solar generating' devices will go to military and embassy installations around the world. Some will be projects here in the states.

No wonder the news 'anchors' at NBC are falling all over themselves to push agenda laid out by BO and his cowards.

And don't forget Fox news 'fair and balanced'- ya right - O'Riley is so far in the tank for the left that he can't make a right turn.

So maybe you know someone that is a conservative? Maybe they have some money or clout and can put together a company to buy up some of the news media that are failing. Give the conservative point of view a run for a while because the left have controlled the media since Conkrite was in VN and told the American people 'This war is not winnable!' Which was a lie at the time but just what 'ol LBJ wanted to hear!


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O'Riley to the left?
by: Anonymous

"And don't forget Fox news 'fair and balanced'- ya right - O'Riley is so far in the tank for the left that he can't make a right turn."


I agree with everything you said except for the quote above. FOX news is the only news organization I can watch without getting sick to my stomach.

I am about as conservative as it gets, and O'Riley used to be my favorite commentator until Beck came over. Beck rocks!

I watch O'Riley nearly every night and he is constantly pointing out the B.S. that the current administration is trying to pull. Just last night he was explaining how cap in trade is such a scam.

I am curious as to why you say O'Riley is in the tank for the left? In my honest opinion, if he is not fair and balanced it's because he leans too far right.

O' Factor the leftist....
by: Monte

If you listen closely every once in a while O'Leftist will let something slip, like when Barack Obama was running against Clinton.

O'Dem himself on BO the absent Senator:

"He is such a fine upstanding and articulate young man, I like him and his policies!"

That was the last day I watched the Super Spin Zone.

There was another that I just could not believe what he was saying to his bud Geraldo, they were talking about a gun crime. At the end of the anti-gun rant O'Left asked Gone Left a long time ago, are you packin'? Gone Left a long time ago says: 'You know I can't say anything about that but I sure wished NY had stricter Gun Laws!'

Ya, who was that guy that said:
'Believe nothing of what you hear, half of what you see, and NOTHING of what you read'...

Oh Ya, it was Stalin!

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