American Politics, American Government Not Serving the People

by Preston W. Athey
(Sarasota, FL)

Preston writes:

The American government and its two-party system are not serving the American people well. In fact, the two-party system is failing miserably when it generates such a poor selection of political candidates and partisanship threatens to destroy the country.

With all the young, well-educated men and women in this country, you would think the people should have a better selection of candidates to choose from.

Perhaps we should retire Senators and Congressmen at age 65. That would open new jobs and get rid of the elitists and dead wood that makes up much of Congress.


How do we replace a Obama, a president who has placed our country so far in debt that we could be in danger of losing everything, including the America we have come to know and love? So many young people in America today don't realize how fragile our freedom really is. They take it for granted and assume it will always be there, yet so many of them are not willing to stand up and fight for it. They expect someone else to do the "heavy lifting" for them.

The military isn't doing very well at adapting to the "new" warfare situation it faces, either. We still dress our armed forces in military uniforms, so the enemy knows who to shoot
and kill, while they all dress alike, and look just like all their countrymen. Our guys can't tell who the bad guys are. Maybe our soldiers should just start shooting anyone with an AK-47. That might reduce the number of people carrying them around.

This country once stood with pride -- the flag meant something. Leaders had good common sense and pulled together for the sake of the country. Now there is so much partisan bickering that it threatens to take down the whole country.

The greed on Capitol Hill will sink this country sooner rather than later. Wall Street should lower their heads and smile with the way they have robbed the American people.

We have to end this current environment where small groups are dictating to the American government how to run the country.

Stand up and be counted -- find your backbone again -- fight for an honest government and SAVE THIS COUNTRY NOW! Think about the future facing your children and grandchildren.

There is only one answer to solving all these problems facing America now, and it goes back to a principle our founding fathers believed so strongly in that they engraved it on every piece of this country's currency, to remind people every day --


Preston W. Athey
US Navy vet

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