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Psssttt . . . Have you wanted to build your own web site, but like me, have no technical knowledge of website-building and are afraid the learning curve is just too high?

Then we have great news for you. We've discovered a company that provides all the tools you need, and most importantly, the education and information you need, to successfully build a business online, not just slap up a web site that no one will ever find. After all, it takes as much time to build one that no one will find as it does to build a site that will rank highly with the search engines. So you might as well invest your time wisely, and build a site that will be successful

And it provides these tools at an exceptionally reasonable price, along with priceless encouragement and support unrivaled anywhere on the web.

So, which of these best describes you?

Are you

  • a WAHM (Work-at-home-Mom)?
  • or just wanting to work from home?

  • a student, tired of flipping burgers for spending money?
  • retired or retiring, but not quite ready to retire to the Lazy-Boy and watch TV all day?
  • a real estate agent?

  • just someone with a passion for sharing your knowledge accumulated through a lifetime?
  • a webmaster?
  • looking for a web host that delivers more, and provides the tools you need to actually succeed?
  • too busy to build your own website, and want someone else to do it for you? Check out Sitesell Services!

    Perhaps the best place to start checking out this company is by listening to some other people who've used it to build their sites tell you why THEY love SBI. These videos were created as part of a contest sponsored by SBI to inspire its website owners to learn how to create video for their sites.

    The winning video, called "I Love My SBI," is a music video by Jon from It has one of those catchy tunes that will stay with you for the rest of the day (you know, like when you ride "It's a Small World" at Disneyland and can't get the tune out of your head?).

    Then, while you're trying to get that catchy tune out of your head, watch this video by Elad from

    Seriously, who would think you could make money from a web site about ideas for kids' birthday parties? Well, Elad started there, and inspired by its success, has built a total of FIVE sites with SBI.

    Starting from that one simple idea, and expanding as they grew, Elad and his sister (they work as a team) now make enough money from their websites to give Elad the freedom to "retire" from his "real job," and work from home (on his sites), where he can be a full-time Dad. This company helped make his goal a reality, and now, he can stay home to enjoy his two (make that three now) beautiful daughters while they're growing up.

    What better gift to give your children than TIME with their dad (or mom)? Who wouldn't like that for a goal, and a company that can help you make that dream a reality?

    If you're one of those folks who needs "proof", like me, well, that's available, too. Take a look at the Alexa rankings for SBI sites, a full 62% of which rank in the the top 3% of all sites in the world! There's no other company that can claim that kind of success record.

    How's that for driving
    free, targeted traffic to your web site --

    traffic that is searching for
    exactly the information your site provides?

    Then, if you want more details or examples, head on over to the case studies, where you can read more details about Elad's success story, and those of others like him, who have "retired into their own businesses," using SBI.

    There's Marney, who's created a profitable business by starting a magazine for artists and writers. She grew her business into one with 10 employees, more than 1000 items for sale, and a book on the way. Not an artsy type, and can't imagine how to make money with "artsy-fartsy" stuff?

    Take a look at Fiona and Jim, whose lives were changed forever by their web site. They started a site to make it easier for people like themselves, looking to "" They ended up buying their own home there and moving to Tuscany full-time, a fairy-tale dream come true, thanks to SBI.

    Or how about Nadir from Kazakhstan? Nadir just happens to be the Chief Economist of Kazkommerts Securities, the largest investment banking and securities brokerage company in Kazakhstan. It is owned by Kazkommertsbank, the largest commercial bank in Central Asia, with capital in excess of $100MM, and assets in excess of $1BN. Not all businesses using SBI to build their web sites are small businesses!

    If Nadir can use SBI to build a successful website in a language that is foreign to him, what can YOU do with it?

    If you're ready to check out this great company that works hard to ensure YOUR success, click the banner below. If you still have questions or doubts, keep reading.

    Special SiteSell Promotion

    OK, OK, I hear you saying, "Well, of course they're able to point to a few success stories, but what about the average guy (or gal) like me?"

    So, with their permission, I've collected some comments that SBI owners (above-average guys and gals, just like you) shared about their favorite features and benefits of SBI.

    But first, you might like to read about our own meteoric rise in Google, if you haven't already. We wouldn't have believed it either, if it hadn't happened to us, too! It really does work!

    Just 159 days after our first page went live, we were #4 on Google (out of a total of 46,600,000 results) for "military money management", a term directly related to our site's main theme.

    And yesterday, someone searched Google for "military money blog." We're number 5! Out of a total of 5,230,000 results. Well, number 5 of 500 would make us in the top 1%, so you do the math (that's too many zeroes for me!). For a blog that's only six months old! I don't know about you, but landing on the first page of Google results signals success to us!

    How is that possible? Are we paying big bucks for SEO?

    Nope. It's a result of all the tools that SBI includes in the package, at no additional charge, when you purchase your web site, for less than $1 a day. It seems they've "cracked the code" on how to rank well with the search engines and draw FREE traffic to your site.

    Here's what SBI owners had to say about their favorite features of SBI:

    Bob from is a fan of the block-by-block site building system, which allows him (and other non-techies, like me) to build a clean, functional site without having great technical skills.
    On the other hand, Monte from is a more experienced user, and he likes the fact that SBI also gives him the choice to upload his own HTML code. That allows him to create or modify code to his own specifications rather than using a template, so he can build a truly unique web site. As Monte says, "You need the training wheels to learn how to get off the ground, [but] once you get past the end of the runway you can FLY!"
    Lori from likes the feature called Link Fix It, which automatically checks each site weekly for broken links and alerts the webmaster via e-mail when it finds one, because it saves her lots of time spent manually checking each link.
    Erwin from thinks one of the best features of SBI is the active involvement of its founder, Dr. Ken Evoy, who makes himself available to his site owners via the exclusive SBI Forums. He even asks, from time-to-time, what the site owners think about proposed changes in the works, and actually listens to the feedback! There's even a special forum that's nothing but a Wish List for new features or capabilities that site owners would like to see added. And guess what?? Many of those wishes are actually granted!! As Erwin says, "Ken Evoy is not only the man 'behind the scenes', but he also makes himself available for all his customers in a way unheard of in normal business."
    Tracy from thinks the built-in Brainstormer feature is one of the best. "Brainstormer allows you to find out what people are actually searching for, rather than guessing, so you can build pages and sites which get lots of traffic."
    Margaret from likes the benefits of Analyze It. "Analyze It checks my pages to make sure I prepared them properly for the search engines. A page that passes Analyze It will get higher rankings in the search engines. It lets me create the best possible pages for my website."
    Rohit from, who's a little more "techie" than some of us (yours truly), explains a very important, but little known feature of SBI sites, which is unique to SBI. "SBI! stores all our pages in a database instead of a regular web server. Every activity, including spider visits, rankings, traffic, etc. is tracked and analyzed, based on the content of your pages, the changes you make to your pages, and its effect on your rankings, spider visits, traffic, etc. Because of this, SiteSell is THE authority on SEO advice (other than the SEs themselves, of course). We can trust what they say is important (or unimportant) for our site rankings, because they base their advice on solid data, not theory or anecdotal 'evidence.' As a result, our sites get more traffic and are better positioned for success."

    OK, I think you get the idea. SBI site builders are a very positive group, especially happy with their decision to build their sites using the tools and knowledge provided by SBI.

    SBI has tens of thousands of happy website owners because it over delivers! It provides:

    • a quality product (the best I know of, and I tried others first)
    • for a reasonable price (less than $1 per day)
    • constant innovation and improvement
    • tools that allow novices (like me) to build web sites that quickly rank well with search engines
    • an interested and involved CEO who engages in dialogue with his customers, compliments them on their successes, listens to what they want and does his best to OVER deliver useful tools to help them succeed
    • an incredibly helpful community of similarly-situated web site owners just waiting to help you and offer support and encouragement through the exclusive SBI Forums -- more than 60 separate forums, dedicated to every aspect of building an online business, whether it's about market research, keyword selection, domain name selection, building the pages themselves, questions about HTML or CSS, use of graphics, video and audio on your site, how to optimize Google AdSense, and dozens of other specific topics. There's no "flaming" allowed here -- it's strictly a place to "help and be helped." And it's worth more than the price of SBI itself. It's like having your own "customer support" department, ready to give you individualized support and feedback 24/7. In fact, there are stories about people who pay for an SBI subscription JUST to have access to the Forums!

    Still have questions?

    Want to do a head-to-head comparison of what SBI offers vs. the other guys? Follow the link to do just that.

    If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, you can talk to an experienced SBI web site owner, who can give you REAL answers to your specific questions, based on REAL experience! It just doesn't get any better than that!

    Or if you have specific questions you'd like to ask us, please use our contact form. We'd love to help you succeed.

    Are YOU ready to build a Web Site that Works?!

    Special SiteSell Promotion

    Sitesell grows strictly through word-of-mouth advertising from happy site owners sharing the opportunity with others. Should you decide to join the family of SBI site owners using one of the links on this page, this site will receive a commission from Sitesell. We thank you for helping to support us in this way, so we can continue to provide information on our site for free.

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