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What about Deployed Service Members in a Government Shutdown?

In the event of a government shutdown, what are deployed service members supposed to do? These suggestions might work for those who are sitting at home

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Active Duty Alert

Deployed service members can help protect themselves against identity theft by placing an "active duty alert" in their credit reports.

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Remembering September 11

Remembering September 11 - the day our world changed forever. Navy Admiral Mike Mullen shares his memories of that tragic day.

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September 11

We Must Never Forget September 11, 2001 - another date that shall live in infamy. The most horrific terrorist act on American soil in our history, carried out by

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Plutus Awards Finalist for Best Military Finance Blog!

We are thrilled to announce that has been named a Plutus Awards finalist in the category Best Military Finance Blog, which is a new category added this year. We are so honored to have been nominated and selected as a finalist. We don't know who nominated us, but we thank you.

The Plutus Awards celebrate the best in the world of online personal finance. The winners will be announced September 19, at a ceremony on the final day of the annual FinCon Expo, a conference for the financial media commmunity, in Charlotte, NC. Congratulations to all the Finalists!

Why we always blame the black man for the white mans mistakes

Lesly writes, from a Marine Corps Camp in Okinawa: Obama admin did not shut down the government for it is congress that funds the military. Your ignorance

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Ending Discrimination Against Military Parents in Child Custody Disputes

Finally, military parents no longer have to choose between their children and their career. For many years, state courts have shown a definite bias against

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Stop Unwanted Charity Calls from Telemarketing Services

Are you tired of being harassed by telemarketing services on behalf of veterans charities? You can make them stop! As noble as the cause may be to support

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Why Do Some Americans Hate Veterans?

As a 100% combat wounded Vietnam vet, I ask - When will this dam war against Vietnam vets be over? I went back to my home state of Ohio in 2000, 30+

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Independence Day Takes on New Meaning

America's celebration of Independence Day takes on new meaning for me this year, changing my perspective slightly, after genealogy research revealed that

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Proper Display of the American Flag

With the upcoming Independence Day / 4th of July holiday, we thought you might want to review American Flag Etiquette for the proper display of Old Glory, as we celebrate our nation's birthday. Enjoy your weekend, and please remember all those on watch around the world, standing guard so you can exercise the freedoms we hold dear. Fly Old Glory and Let Freedom Ring! God Bless America.

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Marianas Turkey Shoot

In the largest carrier-to-carrier battle in history (known as The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot), the U.S. Navy decimated Japanese Naval Air Forces in the Battle of the Philippine Sea 19-20 June 1944.

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American Flag Etiquette

Proper American Flag etiquette is something every American should know. Did you know our Flag Code sets for the "rules" for proper display of the American Flag? You may be surprised to learn

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Flag Day Tribute

For an American POW in Hanoi, having an American flag to which he and his fellow POWs could pledge allegiance, was worth the price --merciless torture -- it cost him. What's it worth to you?

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Honorable Veterans Charities?

Diane writes: I went to look up the best veterans charity that would help our military the most. I wanted to write a check & so I checked this website.

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