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Independence Day Takes on New Meaning

America's celebration of Independence Day takes on new meaning for me this year, changing my perspective slightly, after genealogy research revealed that

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Blue Angel #6, USMC Captain Jeff Kuss, Hero

Blue Angel #6, USMC Captain Jeff Kuss, Afghanistan veteran, became a verifiable hero when he ...

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D-Day: June 6, 1944

June 6, 1944, D-Day. In the largest amphibious assault ever mounted, American and allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to

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Memorial Day Tribute to A Squadron Mate

An annual Memorial Day tribute written by a legend in Naval Aviation to a squadron mate he escorted home in a flag-draped box. On Memorial Day we remember and honor those who

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Presidential Salute

John writes: I saw President Obama render a military salute when honoring KIAs at Dover AFB. He is a civilian in civilian clothes. He is not a veteran.

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Best Charities for Wounded or Disabled Vets?

What do you recommend as the best charities to contribute to that help wounded or disabled vets? We want to help them get the medical attention they

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Valentines Day Money-Saving Ideas

You don't have to break the bank for Valentine's Day. Here are some romantic Valentines Day money-saving ideas for

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Tips on Budgeting

These tips on budgeting can help you get your family budgeting under control, a crucial step toward financial freedom and independence. There are many different types of budgeting and budgeting tools

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Veterans Day Specials 2015

Merchants offering Veterans Day specials to honor and support our veterans with special Veterans Day military discounts, including free meals.

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Veterans Day 2015

Americans set aside November 11 as the day to honor armed forces veterans. How will you honor them?

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U.S. Marine Corps Founded by Man of Peace

The U.S. Marine Corps was founded by Quaker Samuel Nicholas, who was then expelled from the peace-loving religious group.

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Shop Military Gifts

Shop our carefully chosen selection of just-right gifts for the service member or military family in your life.

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Stop Unwanted Charity Calls from Telemarketing Services

Are you tired of being harassed by telemarketing services on behalf of veterans charities? You can make them stop! As noble as the cause may be to support

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Your Local Phone Company Can Stop Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

You may be able to eliminate many unwanted telemarketing calls by taking advantage of custom calling services offered by your local phone company. Before

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Phone Scams Target Military Families

Phone scams target military families, as though they weren't already in enough danger. Identity theft scams and phishing scams are among the phone scams targeting

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