We Honor Those Who Serve (or Have Served) When We Salute

by Forrest C. Gill, Sr.
(Portland, Oregon)

We who are the descendants of the Greatest Generation, and who, by our Duty to The Lord GOD ALMIGHTY and America, also wore the uniform of our great Nation and fought her enemies, feel that saluting our flag HONORS those men and women who, by their service and devotion, saved America and the whole planet from a great evil.

We see it as an earned right and HONOR to render the hand Salute to the Generations that came before us and gave us this great Country, and render HONORS to the Flag we all fought under and for.

May GOD Bless and keep America safe.

Your servant,
Forrest C. Gill, Sr.
U.S. Army 1966-1969,
Viet Nam 1968-1969

Forrest, thank you for your service and Welcome Home!

I think you raise a valid point. It's important for people to realize that when a veteran salutes the flag, it's not an isolated act.

The act of saluting the flag bears much more significance to those of us who have served, as we remember those who have served before us and paved the way for our freedom. They are the ones we honor when we salute, in addition to our country itself.

To us, those red stripes represent the blood they have shed for us. (And we take it personally when the flag is disrespected.)

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