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The selection of our President is a topic many Americans don't take seriously enough. We hope these articles will help convince you that this is a subject which has a significant impact on our daily lives and our future, and shapes the America we leave to our children and grandchildren.

Will it be the America we grew up in, or something vastly different?

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Barack Obama

Who is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama's Mother

Voters have many questions about Barack Obama's Extended Family

Big Brother Obama

Obama and Odinga: Change we DON'T want!

Another radical connection: Who is Khalid Al-Mansour and what is his connection to Barack Obama?

Barack Obama and Saul Alinsky, another radical connection

Obama and the Economy

Barack Obama's Stealth Socialism

Spreading the Wealth

The Audacity of Obama

Dear Mr. Obama, an Iraq vet with a powerful message for Obama

The Real Obama couldn't get the necessary security clearance to guard the President -- or even to play in his band!

Obama's Crowd Appeal

Conspiracy of Silence

Obama Campaign Sinks to New Lows

Obama declines appearance at Military Town Hall to body-surf in Hawaii!

Obama tells reporters, "Lay Off My Wife"!

Is Barack Wright?
Do you feel Rev. Wright's fiery sermons, with their controversial subject matter, have a place in the election debate? Tell us what you think.

Hamas Likes Obama.

We've not had a chance to check its claims for authenticity, but we found this interesting commentary on Obama's extended family, including a number of photos. We advise you to conduct your own check for authenticity of these assertions.

Other Election Pages

The 2008 Presidential Election

Senator Joe Lieberman urges non-partisanship and explains why we must vote as Americans, not Republicans, Democrats, or Independents.

To find out which candidate's views are closest to your own, take the survey at the Minnesota Public Radio site. You can also view the cumulative data and the candidates' positions on the major issues by clicking on the tabs.

Regardless of which candidate you support, be sure to VOTE!

Military Absentee Voting

Restrictions on political activities by military members

Informed voters can learn what's really happening on the ground in Iraq

The Middle East Imperative

A historical perspective on the War on Terror.

Outrage in America.

The Crisis on Wall Street -- is it deliberate?

The Financial Bailout Bill and what it does.

Congressman John Murtha refuses to meet with Iraq vets -- his office calls Capitol Police when a Blue Star Mom gives them a piece of her mind!

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