Socialism or Constitutional Freedom??

by Danny
(Independence, MO USA)

The American people have to decide what direction they want their country to go.

If you vote for the Democrats then you support a life of socialism where you desire the government to control every aspect of your life - they make all the decisions for you and decide what you can and cannot do or have as an American citizen.

Our Constitution as we know it will no longer exist and your freedoms and liberties will be gone.

You will not have freedom of speech or be allowed to own a gun or anything else they decide you cannot own. If you're not rich, then you will live a life of poverty after they tax you to death and take a huge chunk of your hard-earned paycheck.

The Democratic party is not the party it once used to be. At one time the Democrats stood for everything our founding fathers intended for it to be. They were strong on defending our nation and Constitution. They worked hard to make sure that the hard-working American people were able to make a good living and support their families.

Today this party has abandoned their morals and principles in their own selfish interest. Now they focus on doing whatever is necessary even if it means destroying America in order to gain power and control. Their mission is to destroy this great country of ours and convert it to a socialist communist society. This is their primary agenda.

If you vote Republican, then at
least there is a chance that we maintain our Constitution and the freedoms and liberties that come along with it.

Unlike the Democrats, the Republican party hasn't wavered from our country's morals and principles. They still believe in defending our country against those who want to kill us. They still believe in keeping our Constitution as our founding fathers intended.

The Republicans believe in smaller government, lower taxes, freedom of speech, right to own guns, a new revised tax code which we desperately need.

If you vote Republican then you are voting to preserve our nation's secure and free future for all citizens. You are voting to keep the government out of our personal lives and allowing us to live the way we wish to live by making decisions for ourselves.

The government was not put in place to control our way of living. It is a government of the people, by the people, for the people, which means they work for us, we don't work for them as the Democrats think it should be.

People need to wise up and vote with their heads. Instead of thinking of your own selfish interest, you should think of what the best interest is for everyone in our country and for the future of our children.

As of now, John McCain is the best possible candidate we have to preserve our nation's future.

Neither Hillary nor Obama have what it takes to represent our nation or lead us in the right direction.

I hope all of you vote smart, for our country's sake. Thanks!

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Soc or Constitutional Freedom
by: Susan Walsh

Very good article.

We need to make sure our children know what we believe.

My children know what is right and what is wrong. If you asked them to vote today, they would all vote the same as myself.

I do not consider myself a Republican or a Democrat. I vote for what is morally right for this country.

what i think.
by: Daughter of Danny

I totally agree!!!

Hold on a second
by: Adam

You've made a lot of intense accusations with very little to back them up. There is a HUGE difference between democrats and socialists. Democrats actually tend to be a little more freedom-favoring than republicans. There is no major candidate who does not want to protect our country from being taken over and there is no major candidate who wants to control every aspect of your life. If democrats really were that ridiculous, no one would vote for them.

Adam, do you know what socialism is?
by: Anonymous

A reader writes:
The Democratic Party has been progressing towards socialism so slowly that the supporters of the party can't see it. "Redistributing the wealth" sounds pretty socialist to me.

by: Professor

Bush screwed up the country in his 8 years in office, so I don't know if the implied statement that republicans are always right is necessarily true. He had 8 years... I think the Democrats should have a turn... let them have a chance to fix things up so we republicans can mess up the country again.

Professor, we think you (along with most of the country) are forgetting the MOST important thing President Bush has done in his 8 years in office, and that is keep this country safe from another attack since 9/11.

Although he is the frequent scapegoat, George Bush didn't screw up the country by himself. We believe history will show that he was the right President for the times we lived in.

Democrats took control of Congress two years ago, and yet they haven't improved the situation. Charles Barkley is credited with having summed it up this way, "Poor people have been voting for Democrats for 50 years, and they're still poor."

The Democrats have a tendency to create huge government programs that "hand out fish." This keeps people dependent on the government because they never learn how to take care of themselves. Democrats tend to reward inaction and lack of motivation, and to penalize those who worked hard to better their situation.

Such a system cannot last for long, because eventually, those who have their wealth "redistributed" to others will say, "Why bother? I'll just put my hand out like everyone else and let the government take care of me, too." Then who will generate any wealth to be redistributed?

Republicans tend to believe more in teaching people how to fish, so that they have the opportunity to become self-sufficient and DON'T have to rely on government handouts. They reward industry, innovation and hard work, and believe in empowering people to maximize their potential.

Have you seen the plan that the Democrats are considering to CONFISCATE private retirement savings (401k's and IRA's) to be placed in a "pool" of retirement money to be administered by the Social Security Administration? Tax incentives for contributions would be abolished. Then they would impose an additional 5% tax to be contributed to this fund, on top of your continuing contributions to Social Security. This fund would earn 3% per year. Oh, and no tax breaks on that measly income, either.

That's a great incentive for people who currently have their 401ks invested in high-yield investments and tax-sheltered investments. And here's the best part: on your death, your family can only inherit half of the balance, less any distributions and less any portion contributed by your employer. But the Dems are feeling generous, because your family can't inherit your Social Security account.

Do we hear a rush to open offshore bank accounts?

We don't think we can afford to give the Democrats "a chance to fix things up" if this is an example of their idea of "fixing things up!"

Interesting article. Here's a little input.
by: James Dean

Tax cuts cause national deficits. Do you kids know what that term means? (backs up info)

Just a reminder that this data is two years old.

Your other comment was deleted because there was no substantiation for it. If you can do better than "studies show" (for example, give us a link to the studies), you're welcome to resubmit it.

by: Chris.

I don't know if that is what is going on...It seems to me that we at this point have a two party system that is only surviving on corporate doesn't seem to make sense to say that the democrats are leading us to socialism when they are dependent on corporate funding in order to be re-elected.

Plus it is strange to me that people really think Corporate America has the individual's interests in mind when making policy oriented on making the highest profit possible.

It is also strange to me that of all people Military people would put more trust in multinational corporations than in the government and people they protect....For goodness' sake the military is socialized government. one of the few government programs that are fully socialized.

If you are afraid of what the government can do to you just remember that Private corporate industry is what is in control now...all of our congress is elected by corporate money...maybe it is time to take that power and put it back into the peoples' the constitution meant it to be.


You make some interesting points, but I'm not sure I can agree with them. I get your point about the lobby influence in Congress, and the election funds.

But when the President seizes control of General Motors and fires the executive in charge (which he has absolutely NO authority to do), it's "the government" that's taking control of corporate America, not the other way around!

The Democrats are clearly pushing us towards socialism, even if it doesn't make sense. The government has taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, and is desperately trying to take over the health care system. Don't ignore the clear signs all around you.

And this president is seeking to centralize control in the White House, not in the system of checks and balances that our founding fathers established in our three branches of government to keep one branch (like the White House - the Executive Branch) from getting out of control. All these new "czars" that have been appointed answer to no one but Obama. They don't answer to Congress, and they don't answer to the people. So once they're given the power, it doesn't matter what Congress does, or what the people want -- we've got a dictatorship.

Are you aware there's a bill pending in the Senate that would allow Obama to seize control of the internet in a situation that he deems an "emergency" (not defined in the bill)? As someone with an online business, that scares the you-know-what out of me!

It's not Democrat vs Republicans
by: Matt

Matt writes:

I think too many people are loyal to their "party" instead of opening their eyes and looking at the issues and actions of the people in office.

Yes, the Democrats are in control now and Obama wants to control our health care, our banks, our automakers, our air waves, and yes even the internet. It's a very scary situation.

Republicans hands are clean either. After all, it was bush who signed the Tarp bill. It was bush who implemented the Patriot act. Bush didn't do anything to protect our southern border. Bush was far from fiscally conservative.

So I think need to steep back and stop debating democrat vs republican.

The founding fathers believed that in a utopian society there would be no need for a government.
The founders of the country knew people were power hungry by nature. They agreed that some sort of government was needed to basically keep peace in the land and to keep people from taking advantage of others.

But they wanted this government to be as SMALL AS POSSIBLE! The government was to be for the people by the people with checks and balances.

Whether you are a democrat or republican, ask you self this questions. Is the our government in its current state for the people by the people? Or does our government think that it is above the people?

We seriously need to stop bickering about partisan politics and open our eyes! Start looking at the forest instead of the tree!

Obama and the democrats have an agenda to socialize the country. There is really no denying that...

But this over control government didn't start with Obama. Its the result of the apathy of the American people.

Americans need to turn off American Idle, Big Brother and MTV and open their eyes to what is happening in our country!

Take the time to learn about a politician and go vote! But don't vote for a politician (Repblican or Democrat) based on what they say, they all can smooth talk, and Obama is the master of it.

Choose your government representatives based upon their ACTIONS, not their rhetoric.

I am very encouraged that Americans are beginning to wake up. But this shouldn't turn into an argument of democrat vs republicans. This is not productive.

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