John McCain is the man we need!

by Capt, USN, Ret.

I have known John McCain for over 40 years. He was one of my flight instructors in the Navy before he was shot down and became a POW in Vietnam.

After retiring from the Navy, I moved to Arizona and am fortunate to have John representing my interests in the United States Senate. His office has been very supportive over the years in assisting my business to navigate bureaucratic hurdles in DC.

John has always been a man of integrity with strong convictions, doing everything he could to support our country and preserving our freedoms. He sometimes takes unpopular positions, but he stands up for what he believes in. And more than anything else, John McCain believes in a strong and free United States of America.

John McCain has the best experience of all the candidates to lead our great nation in times of war or peace, but especially to lead our troops in the war on terror. He spoke out in support of the recent "troop surge," which was a very controversial measure. But his wisdom has been proven yet again, as the surge is accomplishing the mission it was designed to do.

Let's make sure we have another man of character in the White House, who is qualified to lead on Day One, and who will fight to keep America strong and safe.

Elect John McCain.

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