We Cannot Pull Out
of the Middle East!

by Tom

If we abandon our base of operations in the Middle East, there WILL be another 9/11 sooner rather than later.

None of the rank and file American population (especially celebrities) is aware of how many 9/11s have been thwarted because of our espionage efforts since we have been in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I believe we will need this "Base" for many years to come if we want to prevent more 9/11s. We cannot carry out espionage in Al-Qaeda from a satellite 35 miles in the sky.

Reliable espionage can only come from infiltrating their ranks.

This can only be done while being there and forging cooperative accords with allies.

Of the remaining candidates, John McCain is the only one committed to a "win" for America in the War on Terror. He's clearly the only choice.

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of the Middle East!

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Everybody has a role to Pay
by: Anonymous

I am not sure of why this seems to be a political endorsement page for or against any candidate. As a famous politician recently said, "You go to war with the Army you have, and not with the one you wish that you had." I am paraphrasing the comment forgive me for the accuracy.

It seems that (our) politicians of the two main parties have forgotten their obligations to both country and citizens, and have sold out to the interests of the few in trade for monetary gain.
We are rooted in a quagmire of wars that do not have a end in sight and is consuming our great treasures at a cost of debt to our future generations, and economy to foreign country investors(China).

There is another great saying that has more wisdom in this moment in time " you can accomplish great things if you don't care who gets the credit for it!"

I believe that the President, whether Reagan, or Obama has the power that the congress allows through checks and balances, and to whine about socialism when you borrow socialist money to wage a war against puritan conservatism is a theory that is contrary to what we all should want as a country.

President G.W. Bush set the stage for a lot of the debt we now have to pay for both on the foreign and domestic political stages, I believe that this was his penance to pay for getting elected, President Obama must pay his dues also.

Do not forget that the surge in oil speculation was at the forefront of the economic disaster that the then president and congress did nothing to abate, while at the same time working families were squeezed to the breaking point, while individuals who were already wealthy walked away with billions and lost nothing. There was a redistribution of wealth, it just depends on whom you ask about it.

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