Obama Campaign
Sinks to New Lows

The Obama campaign sinks to new lows with its ad mocking John McCain because he doesn't use the internet or e-mail without assistance from staffers or his wife.

Well, perhaps the Obama campaign staffers are internet-savvy enough to use e-mail to send out campaign messages and solicitations, but as Ed Morrissey pointed out over at HotAir.com, they apparently don't know how to execute a Google search. If they had bothered, it wouldn't have taken more than a few minutes to figure out that their latest ad is not only cruelly mocking a war hero for his combat injuries, it is also making a masterful display of their ignorance and arrogance.

This ad makes it pretty clear that neither Barack Obama NOR those surrounding him are "ready to lead." Apparently none of them has a clue what John McCain endured in service to this country -- and emerged even more determined to serve her.

Apparently they haven't bothered to do their research on their opponent, read any of his books, or even run a simple 2-second Google search.

For if they had, they would have learned what both the Boston Globe and Forbes reported eight years ago:

John McCain doesn't use the internet himself because the beatings he suffered as a POW at the Hanoi Hilton have made it very difficult and painful for him to type on a keyboard.

We've mentioned in the past his "funny-looking" wave. That's also a result of his brutal treatment and lack of proper medical care for his injuries.

John McCain can't raise his arms above shoulder-level. That's why his wave to the crowd looks odd.

He also can't comb his own hair, or tie his own shoes.

Why? Because of the brutal beatings he received as a POW.

And the idiots who run the Obama campaign think it puts their candidate in a good light to mock this war hero for his injuries? Actually, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's assume the Obama campaign isn't evil enough to do that intentionally.

Does that make it any better? They gleefully produced this ad making fun of John McCain, implying that he's too old and out of touch with today's generation because he doesn't navigate the internet and "do" e-mail for himself.

Let's think about that for a minute. Assuming he could do those things for himself, when does a man with John McCain's record of accomplishments have time to surf the net or read his own e-mail? Just like any other major executive, someone screens Senator McCain's e-mail so he doesn't waste his time on things that don't need his attention. (And we'll bet someone screens Senator Obama's e-mail, too!)

So, is the Obama campaign telling us that their candidate is adept at these tasks? Would that mean he has free time on his hands to surf the net and e-mail his cronies? We know he hasn't accomplished anything in the way of major legislation, either in Illinois or Washington. Now we know why -- apparently, he's been polishing his net-surfing skills and learning how to send e-mail.

But neither he nor the knuckleheads running his campaign have the common sense to run a search on Google to see if anyone has addressed this issue before, like maybe the last time McCain was running for President?

Well, we hope the young internet-savvy voters this ad was clearly aimed at have enough sense to run that Google search for themselves (or that maybe you'll e-mail this article to them). We hope they'll recognize the hypocrisy and "dirty tricks" mentality that produced such an ad. And we hope they'll decide they don't want this arrogant, ignorant, and inept bunch anywhere near the White House!

The Obama campaign, while claiming to be on the up-and-up and taking the high road, have produced and aired what may go down in history as the most offensive campaign ad in history.

The problem is that you'd have to know something about this country's history and about John McCain's service to it to recognize just how offensive this ad is.

And the Obama campaign is counting on the fact that young voters won't bother to verify what they're saying or research it on their own -- they're counting on them to be lemmings, just following wherever they lead. It scares us to death to think that may be a safe bet. If you spend much time on the internet, you know that many bloggers will pick up a sensational story and run with it without attempting to verify it.

So please, follow the link above to Ed Morrissey's piece, which links to the Boston Globe and Forbes pieces, and then share this article with all the voters you know. It's time for the Obama hypocrisy to be exposed for what it is.

Perhaps, while we're talking about the necessity to understand and use technology as a qualification for President, we should ask whether Obama can do this, which John McCain was doing before Barack Obama was born:

Neither Barack Obama nor any of his advisors, apparently, have the experience or maturity to be at the helm of the most powerful nation on earth.

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