Democratic candidates have no military experience

Personally, I think if a presidential candidate has never served in any military branch, HE/SHE should not be a president. How can HE/SHE be the "Commander in Chief" when HE/SHE doesn't have any experience in the military. Ask yourself a question, would you like someone to lead you when that person doesn't have the knowledge or the skill in that job field.

Ed. Note: We agree with you. How can someone with no military experience understand the issues the military must face? Only one candidate has military experience - John McCain.

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Lack of military experience is a huge problem!
by: Anonymous

I agree completely with this post; our Commander in Chief must have some military experience to be an effective leader of our great nation!

An alarming fact is that fewer than 10% of Senators and Congressmen have any military experience. Where are the patriots of the past?

John McCain is a true American hero and the only candidate qualified to be our President!

Not another Republican!
by: Anonymous

We can't afford another Republican in office. There should be a 'none of the above' vote to show that all the candidates are sub standard.

What happened to Ron Paul? Now he would make a better President than any of the others.

[Editor's note: Ummm . . . we're a little confused. You say 'Not another Republican' and then recommend Ron Paul. Did he switch parties while we weren't looking? Last time we checked, Paul was a Republican. But he doesn't have the name recognition to win an election. Don't count him out, though - we could see him again in a few years.]

I agree.
by: Anonymous

I think any president elect needs to have heard the bullets and bombs first-hand. War is a last resort. Soldiers come home damaged or worse.

But, if war is called for, only an all out commitment will do. The best way to prevent war is to be ready, willing, and capable of inflicting demoralizing damage.

I also think presidential candidates need to announce their Cabinet choices. Who does he/she think are good advisors.

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