Obama and infanticide

by Vietnam Vet
(Communist state of Massachusetts)

Vietnam Vet writes:

Can someone explain to me how in this great country, a proponent of infanticide has been nominated to run for President of this great country?????

He opposed the Ill. version of the born alive bill that was ~ identical to the federal bill that passed 98-0 in the US Senate!!!!

He is in favor of allowing babies born alive from a botched abortion to simply be left to die!

Don't believe me? Do a search on "obama infanticide" to see for yourself.

Ed. note: You can read more about this issue at:

  • HotAir.com

  • World Net Daily - this article's author, Jill Stanek, is a nurse who cradled in her arms for 45 minutes one of these babies who was born alive during an attempted abortion and callously left alone in a dirty utility room to die. She was horrified to learn this was common practice at her hospital when a baby survived an intended late-term induced-labor abortion.

  • National Review Online

  • Catholic News Agency

  • Townhall.com

Comments for Obama and infanticide

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Sure, I can explain it
by: Anonymous

Because Barack Obama feels its more important to protect ME, a female victim of rape, than it is to protect a CELL that has not yet become a human life.

If not for access to abortion, my life would've been over in 1985.

Thank god some of our leaders see things clearly, and continue to protect those of us who need their help.

Ed.: Thank you so much for speaking up to join our discussion. This issue is obviously something you have a very personal interest in, and we thank you for speaking up. We know it must not be easy to talk about.

I think you and Vietnam Vet are talking about two different situations, though. His comments were not about access to abortion in certain cases such as yours, but rather about Obama's opposition to a bill that would have mandated medical care to relieve human suffering for babies who survived an induced labor intended to kill them.

It was discovered that in some cases, these babies wno survived the induced labor were being basically "thrown in the trash" while still alive. This obviously would occur only in later-term abortions.

Since you mention a "cell," I think you must be talking about a very early abortion, which this procedure is not used for.

You bring up two of the most difficult questions to answer on the abortion issue:

When does human life begin?


in what cases, if any, should the woman have an absolute right to abortion, and should that absolute right become conditional and subject to regulation once the pregnancy has progressed to a certain point?

When does human life begin?

Obviously, opinions are strongly divided on this issue, with . . .

Comment continues below . . .

Sure, I can explain it (continued)
by: Editor

Comment continued . . .

When does human life begin?

Some say that human life begins at the moment of conception, when the egg is fertilized.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who say human life begins only at birth.

Then there are those who fall somewhere in the nine-month spectrum in between, with the general consensus (among this group) that "human life" for the purpose of abortion law should be defined as that time when the fetus is capable of surviving on its own outside the womb.

Because that particular point varies and is not capable of exact definition, we end up in the situation this particular law was designed to address. The procedure this law addressed occurs when labor is induced to cause the birth of a fetus that is thought to be unable to survive on its own. But in an apparently substantial number of cases, the fetus does survive the birth, so it would have to be later in the term of the pregnancy.

Pregnant women are known to have lied for centuries about the time of conception, for a variety of reasons. In this case, it would most likely be to convince doctors that the pregnancy had not progressed to the point where the fetus could survive.

The bill Obama opposed would have required hospitals to provide medical care for the infants who survive, to relieve suffering, even if medical opinion was that the child was sure to die relatively soon.

We certainly can be sympathetic with your situation, understanding the emotional anguish it would have caused you, as a rape victim, to be required to go through a resulting pregnancy. This is one of the most compelling reasons to support a woman's right to access to early abortion in these circumstances.

In situations such as yours, however, it is unlikely that the pregnancy would be allowed to progress to the point where the "born-alive" procedure would be used.

The argument would be that in cases where the pregnancy is allowed to progress to that point, where the fetus survives outside the womb (even if "by accident"), then there is clearly a human life that is entitled to the same protections (and the same medical care) as every other infant born alive.

In these cases, where the mother has opted to proceed with induced labor, she could be required to relinquish any parental rights prior to the procedure. She would not be given any information about what happened as a result of the procedure. In the event the child survives, she is never told, and the infant is made available for adoption once its condition has improved to the point of being ready to leave the hospital.

It seems that would protect the rights of both the mother and the child. In these controversial situations, it is a delicate balancing act to try to protect both.

Thank you again for participating in our discussion. Please feel free to come back and post again if you wish. We thank you for presenting a personal viewpoint on this difficult issue.

Born Alive Bill
by: Anonymous

it is insanity to say that a nine months fetus or in that bill which Obama voted against, a born alive infant is just a cell. it is beyond humanity to say that. It is clearly not a smart judgement.

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