The Media's Conspiracy of Silence

The mainstream media's conspiracy of silence with regard to Barack Obama's background and shady connections has reached epidemic proportions, with frightening consequences for the democratic process in this country. It has become so obvious that no one can deny it, and yet, much of the population seems oblivious to the fact that the American public is being hoodwinked.

It seems like the Jedi mind trick of the century: "You don't need to see his ID. These are not the droids you're looking for. You are free to go about your business. Move along."

We found the following astute observation posted as a comment to an article posted on another blog, with the author identified only as "cfbleachers."

If anyone knows who this person is, please ask him or her to contact us so that we may give appropriate credit for this insightful piece of writing.

"There is a frightening aspect of intimidation, repression, suppression of facts, and deconstruction of evidence that surrounds the campaign . . . and, indeed the life . . . of the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

The standard 'hard bounceback' response to almost any inquiry into the vetting process of the almost completely unknown history of the Senator from Illinois is a mixture of empty platitudes, non-answer denials, accusations of racism, threats of retaliation and revenge and secreting of documentation.

The Democratic Party Media (DPM) operatives have engaged in a nearly universal conspiracy of silence, which is only broken to ridicule, lampoon and deride those with the hubris to merely make an inquiry into the murky associations and thuggery tactics of those associated with the Obama campaign. Anyone asking any questions about the Democratic candidate, are met with hurled epithets, slander, false accusations, false attributions, and suggestions that they are paranoid, Rovian Robots, or racist pigs.

But, they never answer the questions. The campaign has taken on a bizarre Nixonian flavor with enemy lists and carefully orchestrated 'action orders' to take down anyone who disagrees.

This stinks of Soros and the vile little gremlins of the brown-shirted lefist variety at MoveOn, who emulate their sugar daddy's utter disregard for ethics and morality . . . while iron fisting socialism down the throat of and unwilling public body.

The conspiracy of silence extends to a new brand of leftism in our own land, much more aggressive and oppressive in tactics and now containing an 'in your face' quality . . . in which truth, facts and news are subjective Machiavellian whims to be trifled with and bent, if necessary, to meet the 'message'.

Fact finding is now a 'distraction' from the 'real' issues. Digging for the truth is met with an immediate 'call to action' whereby all inquiries are shouted down by the Ayers Youth.

Public and university libraries conspire to shroud documents in layers of phony legal obstructions, while they stall, hinder and delay requests for freedom of review.

There is a brewing dark cloud rumbling and the conspiracy of silence calls down the thunder.

It is impossible to know at this moment in time, what is real, what is imagined, what is overblown and what is not, about the associations, beliefs, actions and intentions of the Democratic nominee. But a chill wind precedes the whole of it. Nancy Pelosi has proven to be an unstable hand at the helm of the Democratic ship, which anticipated smooth sailing to dominance over our body politic in all but the Supreme Court. And, the days ahead will certainly put total authoritarian dominance of even that body in play.

I'm always uncomfortable when one of the two parties has total dominance over all three branches of government. I’m especially concerned today. The 'fairness doctrine' threat by Pelosi and her minions and lackeys - intending to bring back the halcyon days for liberals when they owned the 'truth' in media lock, stock and barrel - and could infuse leftist propaganda without dissent virtually unfettered into the information stream. John Kerry in his inimitable dense manner, in essence blurted out to Charlie Gibson…'hey, you are supposed to be on OUR side' - removing the veil of pretense that has all but been stripped bare in this election.

But, the weasels-ripping-flesh modus operandi of Soros and his thugs was most glaring and jarring when turned against Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton. It became increasingly apparent and even more frightening to watch the spectacle when used against a former Democratic nominee for vice-president, and a former Democratic first lady and candidate for first female Democrat running for the top of their ticket. Moral bankruptcy with an automatic stay provision on ethics ruled the day.

If we are to self-govern this land of ours, through representative government, we cannot do this with fauxtography, forged documents, photoshopped caricatures, libraries hiding evidence - essentially a gang-raped information stream. We can’t - it’s not open to serious or rational debate. The conspiracy of silence must be broken. Our ability to get facts upon which we make decisions about how we govern this land of ours is a public trust.

Public institutions and certainly universities and public libraries are not free to disseminate information and evidence upon a political whim. That's a violation of a public trust, adherence to which should be sacrosanct.

Moreover, the dominant public information-gathering places - television news, major metropolitan newspapers, radio, wire services, magazines, Hollywood - which shape our views based upon the reliability of facts being separated from opinion - and more importantly, facts being separated from intentionally misleading screeds of a particular political persuasion - is a quasi-public trust.

These trusts have been violated.
In a manner and with a depth
that is dangerous and at times,
treasonous to our own country.

I have no idea about the eventual answers related to Sen. Obama's lingering murky and shadowy past. I have no idea where he was born, or if that is a legitimate issue of discussion. It may not be. Absolutely, it is. One of only two requirements for our President is that he or she be a natural-born citizen of the United States. That means he or she must be a citizen by birth, not by naturalization. So whether a candidate was born in the U.S. is absolutely a legitimate issue for discussion.

I have no idea what influence Frank Marshall Davis had upon him, his radical professors at college, his attachment to Ayers, Dorhn, Klonsky, Wright, Pfleger, Sam Graham-Felsen, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Cynthia Miller, Jennifer Mason, Soros, Odinga, Massoud, Rezko, Rashid Khalidi, Ali Abunimah, Robert Malley - all I do know is there are enough smoldering embers of extremist radicalism touching his campfire that no journalist of modest integrity could ignore with the resolve and steadfast silence that the DPM has shown en masse.

The DPM has shown a face of passive acquiescence toward the thuggery of shouting down principled dissent, but as character shallow as that is, it is their conspiracy of silence and refusal to engage in even asking the questions that has blackened their names for eternal condemnation. They won't even ask the questions. They won't work for the truth - they are so owned by the 'message'.

Rev. Wright asked God to damn America. By way of conspiracy of silence by our 4th Estate and complicity in corrupting the process by which we govern, he may have gotten his wish."

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