Obama, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

by Mary
(Las Vegas)

Mary writes:

Do not be fooled by this man, who I believe to be the most dangerous man in America and our time.

He is skilled in creating chaos and hate division between the races and minority groups. The way he got to the place he is now is with the backing of the Ford Foundation and others like them whose focus is to create division among these masses.

If we don't wake up and be more responsible for our own political objectives and make ourselves more informed, we don't stand a chance against these subversive groups. They have a Marxist view of the world and will do whatever is expedient for their business.

Do not take my word for this but do your own research into the hidden agenda of the so-called charitable foundations, like the Ford Foundation and the other ones which I can't recall their names well enough to mention here. Be very wary of him.

The person who would be president should have military experience and some idea of where we are going with this economy. Also, we need to never forget that we could have another terrorist attack and how would Obama do with his skimpy experience?

Ed. note: Mary, surely you can't believe this next statement?! Would you please post back (in a comment to this page) and tell us where we can find the evidence to which you refer below?

I believe that the capitalists in America are the ones who masterminded the attack of 9-11 and they are complimented by the "charitable foundations". The evidence is there for all who will look for it.

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