Obama's Great Depression

by david hale
(canyon country, ca, usa)

Obama will tax 2/3 of American small business at 50%.

Small business employs half of American workers. Why would (or how could) small business expand and hire more workers if it has to give Obama 50% of their hard earned money!

Small business owners create jobs,create benefits (health care),and they expand their business creating more federal tax revenue.

Obama's 50% tax hike on business will create high unemployment, cut benefits to workers, and business will not have incentive (or ability) to expand, thus creating another Great Depression!

Obama's promised tax cut to 90% of Americans will be meaningless if they don't have a job.

McCain will lower business tax to 25% - creating more American jobs, expanding business and the federal tax revenue will increase!

100 million workers of small American business would be wise to vote for John McCain to keep their jobs.

I am a registered democrat voting for John McCain!

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McCain Rocks
by: Petersen

Obama has no experience and has never really lived the harsh reality of life. Hard growing up with everthing you need!

McCain has been a POW and has seen what life is all about!

How can we trust a man who knows so little about the reality of the real world?

If that's the case, let's make PARIS HILTON MADAM PRESIDENT!

Obama's Depression
by: Anonymous

The good old USA is ruined & will soon be a third world country.

Already over 40% of the population (bums, criminals, drunks, leaches, generational welfare recipients, and Acorn "workers", don't pay any taxes). Businesses will flee the country like hard working professionals have left NY in the past year.

Obamas plan is going according to plan - soon everyone will be dependent on Government!

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