Should Non-Military Members of Veterans Organizations Salute?

by Buffalo Bob
(Deland, Fl.)

As a non-military member of a veterans organization (Sons of the American Legion), I was told that a hand salute to the flag at meetings is appropriate. I am not sure that was correct.

My last wish would be to disrespect our Military. Can anyone tell me what is proper?

I uncover and put my hand over my heart during the pledge and National Anthem at all other times.

Bob, thank you for that excellent question. When I first wrote this article about veterans and military not in uniform being allowed, by new legislation, to salute our flag, I could not have imagined the variety of questions that would follow.

I was not aware there is a "Sons of the American Legion," so thank you for asking the question for others who may belong to similar groups.

I believe you are correct in showing your respect for the flag by placing your hand over your heart in this instance.

The legislation under discussion authorizes veterans and military not in uniform to render the hand salute.

If you do not fall into either category, the proper "salute" to show your respect for our flag is to place your hand over your heart.

And thank you for your father's service.

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