Obama needs to be stopped!

by Ethel Attaway
(Gilbert, AZ)

Ethel writes:

Write to your Congressmen and your Senators. Tell them how you feel about Obama!

His view for America is NOT the majority of Americans' view for America.

Having a Family Member in every war ever fought for America's freedom I find it hard to support a person who will just give our country away.

His health care plan is a debacle. It will break Americans and is a job loser. The small businessman will be put out of business by this plan!

Don't fool yourselves, he wants you to be dependent on the government for everything!

Stand up now or lay down forever!


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by: Charles

I agree with you. Obama certainly needs STOPPED!!

I agree with the last statement especially,"Stand up NOW,or lay down forever."

It still doesn't seem as though the average American citizen understands or even cares what is happening to our country.

It is a sad sad time for America. We may well be losing what we know as America.

Ed note: Charles, I'm afraid you are right. "Average American citizens" are blithely going through life with their heads plugged into their iPods (or who knows where else!), thinking about nothing but their own little corner of the world, and taking for granted that it will always remain as it is. I think only those of us old enough to remember the lessons of Vietnam and the lessons of World War II see enough of "the big picture" to be gravely concerned about what is happening in America today.

I sincerely hope that enough people are waking up to what is taking place that they will continue to sound the alarm and mount a tremendous grass-roots effort to take our country back, and return it to the principles under which it was founded, and which have made it once the most powerful nation on earth.

If we continue to "dumb it down," as has been happening for a very long time, I'm afraid the America we've come to know and love may very well cease to exist.


As Ronald Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

I'm afraid the generations that are coming behind us don't understand that. They take their freedom for granted and assume that it will always be there. I hope someone will be able to awaken them to realize there are people who are trying desperately to take it away from them!

Thank God for those young men and women who DO understand that, and have taken an oath to protect and defend it.

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