Study the Holocaust and
Understand the "Change"

by Sheri

I studied the Holocaust extensively in college. I can now SEE history repeating itself in this administration.

Think I am exaggerating?

Nope. I took my daughter to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, recently and she turned to me and said, "Mom...they do the same thing now. It is just to different people."

At 12, she can see the parallels of early Nazi propaganda.

Germans were not IDIOTS. They fell for the media lies and propaganda and believed that they were doing "what was best for everyone."

It is actually quite scary. Americans are doing the same.

Ed. note: Sheri, you're SO right. It is VERY scary that so many Americans have become lemmings who refuse to think for themselves. They just accept whatever the news media filters to them as gospel.

Whatever happened to their B.S. meters?

I think it's part of the "dumbing down of America." The public has deliberately been conditioned NOT to think for themselves. Rather, they just accept whatever they read or hear as true. For example, think about how many forwarded e-mails you get that are clearly bogus, yet no one in the chain has bothered to check for authenticity before forwarding it on.

Scary, indeed.


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Understand the "Change"

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Americans are Spoiled
by: Matt (hooked on RC airplanes)

We grew up with freedom. It's all we've ever known. Unfortunately it's a reality many of us take for granted, expecially my generation or younger. We are all guilty of this somewhat, how could we not be? It's all we've known.

I think the problem is now that people don't pay attention to what is happening because they assume that we have our freedom, that's the way we've always known it to be, and that's the way it will be forever. USA is a free country.

I think this is why the majority of Americans are more interested in who wins Survivor, American Idol, Big Brother etc, than what is going on with our Government. They don't care because they don't think it affects them.

Unfortunately people very close to me seem to think along these lines. ummm, I'm married to her, lol

If you are reading this post, then you obviously follow what's going on and have formed your political opinions on facts rather than what is fed to you on the evening news!

Look at the last election for example. The zombies of this country (I mean that in a good way, lol) pull themselves away from their reality shows long enough to watch a few campaign speeches, maybe a couple debates, and then form their opinion based on the "personality" of the candidates.

I mean come on! Listening to McCain speak is about as exciting as watching grass grow. Was it really even a contest? I voted for McCain, he was a true patriot, but not the greatest choice of candidate in my opinion.

If I wasn't a news junky, I would probably have bought into Obama's redirect as well. Like him or not, he is very good at manipulating people. Listening to his campaign speeches and debates alone, he sounded like sincere. But that was all on the surface. And the surface is all most Americans care about because they are too busy watching their reality shows to find out any different.

I am not sure what the point of my ramblings are. Just frustrated our freedom is being taken away a little bit at a time (until Obama, now its a lot at time), and most Americans don't even realize it.... It's sad...

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