Shades of Viet Nam

by Monte

During the Viet Nam war with the North Viet Nam Communists there were sections of South and North Vietnam that were 'No Fire Zones'. That is, US forces either could not follow the enemy into these zones or had to get permission from Higher HQ to fire in these zones.

The Communists used these zones to prepare and launch attacks on US and South Vietnamese forces and civilians.

Yesterday the OBAMA Administration put the same cowardly restrictions on US Forces in Afghanistan.


If there are civilians close by or who could possibly be injured or suffer casualties, then US Forces can not fire on the terrorists in the area.

It is not "fire if fired upon."

The cowards that now occupy the White House have finished off their last promise to the cowards of the 1960-70's. That is - we will not fight.

Lest one American die for the cowards we now have controlling the US of A, I want our troops brought home.

Stick it to our friends and Allies that we asked to help wipe out the terrorists. Leave them holding the bag and let the Taliban over run Afghanistan again.

All the lives lost and all the wounded for what?

We have 18 months left to suffer these fools, hopefully there will be something left to build on once the American People realize how bad they were taken by these cowards.

I would say my 2 cents but it seems that if I was to exchange that 2 cents for any other currency I would get nothing in exchange.

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This is more B.S.!!!
by: VN River Rat

Wellll....fortunately I had patrol officers who would "get lost" and since the jungle river banks pretty much looked alike, if we were fired upon, we returned fire! He cleared obstacles at Omaha Beach and Inchon and didn't believe in so-called truces. I'm sure we have the same kind of leaders in the field who may have the same experiences in misidentifying one area of barren rock from another! When in doubt....TAKE 'EM OUT!!!

by: Jim (Wedding-Savings...)

I agree with both Monte and VN River Rat.

As they may have, I lost friends because of these stupid rules.

by: Charles

I agree whole heartedly with Monty and VN River Rat.

The American communist movement of the sixties and early seventies were getting nowhere. The leaders of these movements saw this and they moved over to the environmental movement that was beginning.These people saw that they could use this as a means to bring America down to the level they want.

Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to conserving the environment.But the people who are running this movement have another agenda and that is to destroy capitalism.

Do your own research people.Find out what is really going on.

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