Obama a Dictator ?

by Charles Atkins
(Waleska, Georgia)

Charles writes:

President Barack Obama has appointed 34 Czars. These Czars' average salary is around $165,000.00 per year.

They were appointed in a way that they would not have to go through Congress to be put in to office.

They answer straight to Obama, they do not have to be accountable to Congress or anyone but Obama.

American people, you need to wake up and pay serious attention to what is happening in this Great Nation. This is getting close to Dictatorship in AMERICA!!

The stimulus plan should have never been put together. It has become just like all government spending plans, a giant black hole where money goes out, no one knows where it goes or why it went there. The majority of this money will never leave Washington. It will be filtered to the ones who backed this ridiculous plan.


I love America and the institutions that helped to make her great, of which G.M. was one. However, there is no such thing as "Too Big To Fail" in a capitalistic economy. If you are not paying attention to competition and lag behind to the point that your business is failing, then GOODBYE!

America has become almost an entirely service based economy. Manufacturing has all but gone from our land. This makes it all that much harder for the economy to get back up.

America recovered from our past economic downturns through producing products. We have very little left that we produce.

Unemployment is bad and getting worse. However, if this cap and trade bill gets past, jobs will leave this country by the thousands. This has been tried in a couple other places and has not worked. So has large stimulus plans,they didn't work there either.

If Americans will wake up and raise their voices that they want this nonsense to STOP, the politicians will listen. Congressmen want their cushy jobs and when enough of their voters jam the e-mail system or melt those phone lines THEY WILL LISTEN !

We have a guy here in Georgia on WSB-750 (AM) called Herman Cain. He is no ordinary Shock Jock. He has been a CEO of several
companies in his career and is still on the board of 3 or 4 companies.(Hallmark, GE, etc.) Herman also ran for the Senate a few years ago.

Herman started HITM back in January of this year(2009). This stands for Herman's Intelligent Thinkers Movement. You sign up for it on his web site (www.hermancain.com). They keep track of important items in the government and send out an alert to members when something is happening that would warrant close watching and when you need to contact your representatives over a matter. This movement was averaging 1,000 members per day at one time. There is members from all over the country, so please go check it out one and all.

If we had more people putting these type of grass roots movements together we would certainly get something accomplished.

This president (Obama) is a Socialist at best. He is liberal to the core and if let go unchecked is going to ruin this country.

Come on Americans, you will have a great opportunity next year as well to get some of these guys out of office that have supported all the ridiculous bills.

Healthcare. Obama wants the Govmnt to step in to this arena. THEY ARE ALREADY there. Medicare, Medicaid,etc. How are these programs faring?

The V.A. If you want to see the future of healthcare under the govmnt. go to your local V.A. hospital and spend some time looking around. The Dr.'s and Nurses care but their hands are bound by red tape and beaurocracy!

I believe this economy would have been showing signs of getting better months ago if the govmnt would have just stayed out of it. They stepped in to save their buddies at these big Wall Street banks and brokerages as well as to cover their own rear ends.

They also saw and are taking the opportunity for the Govmnt. to grab control and expand beyond belief.

Sad part is,I don't think the average citizen has any idea what is truly going on. I do believe they are beginning to wake up though.

I sure hope it is not too late!!

Charles Atkins
Fellow SBI'er
all-about-log-homes.com (just started site)

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A Dictator is now our President
by: Monte

Very thought provoking stuff.

The people of the US of A will not wake up unitl more of the media outlets fail or are bought up by more sane business owners, until then the Government Controlled Media will just keep on propagating the communist propaganda.

Take the case of M.Jackson, for two weeks nothing but garbage from all the networks. What about our President bypassing the Congress (not that it would make much difference - they are also commies) and making a treaty with Russia to reduce our Nuke's by 1/3, heck between Russia, China, Korea, Iran, Pakastain they have twice as many nukes than we do. We just have the subs...

And our President is NOT a socialist he is a communist. Period.

Anyone that spent any time in the military up until 1990 should be able to recognize the propaganda a mile away. We fought it for a long time.

Get Real!
by: Anonymous

Never in human history has a dictatorial national socialist ever willingly left office when defeated at the polls. They only leave when deceased or deposed. From Hitler, Stalin, Sukarno, Nasser, Peron, Papa Doc to Castro and Chavez - all never leave.

If you control the army, fbi, cia, congress, justice, sec, fema, fda, etc. etc., you do not leave, just stay on.

If Palin won election, how would she ever be seated??? History pays no attention to polls, elections or the constitution.

Today, as in 1931 Germany, most people just do not care.

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