Barack Obama, The Great Pretender and Communist

by Dave

Dave writes:

Barack Obama, the Great Pretender and Communist, is destroying America from the inside. He is corrupting the values of our country that made it great.

He is a progressive socialist, stealing from the American people he does not give two hoots about.

Our country is in the worst shape it has been in since its founding, and all he and his family do are take vacations 3 or 4 times a month (on the taxpayers' dime), while the taxpayers struggle to just get by and eat a bowl of ramen.

He is the son of Satan, who is the father of lies. He is a traitor to the Constitution which he swore to uphold, hates our flag, our country, just like his wife -- but they sure like the money and perks.

He is a sick excuse for an American. Everything he does is against the will of the majority of Americans, which he holds in contempt. He thinks he is the king, but he is just dust.

He is a Muslim, not a Christian like he claimed to get votes. May he be thrown out of office soon by the grace of the Almighty GOD who sees all.

Have you actually seen him do anything but impede the economy, stop progress, and lie about everything, with his media propagandists working for him?

There is more debt than the last 10 presidents since he took office, more handouts to people who don't deserve them, more handouts instead of hands-up.

He is destroying our country and will have it done by 2016
if he is not impeached.

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