Obama Travel Restrictions on Americans

by Monte

You think you are FREE to travel anywhere in the world???

Think again -- you are NOT Free to travel the way you did a year ago.

Couple of examples:

There is an Ultra Conservative talk show host in (of all places) San Francisco, Ca.

He has been banned from travel to the United Kingdom! Why? Unknown. His name has been placed on a list of 'Unwanted people' that cannot enter the UK.

Dr. Michael Savage has been a talk show host in SF for over 15 years. He has never advocated violence. Yet he is on a list of murderers, terrorists, and other useless people.

How did this happen? Well, think about the climate in today's America. If you speak out, you will lose your job, the ACORN militia will protest at your house, you will come under investigation for frivolous reasons.


Case in point, although I do not condone this US Army Major's action, the punishment can only be seen as communistic.

A Major in the US Army Reserves had orders to deploy to Afghanistan. He went to court and filed a suit against the Commander in Chief on the grounds that he usurped that post because he IS NOT a citizen of the US of A. His father was a UK citizen, his mother was a US of A citizen.

According to the soldier and his lawyer the 14th Amendment specifically states that to become the President of the US of A BOTH parents have to be US of A Citizens and YOU MUST be BORN on US of A soil. He contends that our current Commander in Chief was not born in Hawaii and that the
certificate (which is an image not the real document) is only a certificate of birth not the certification of live birth that the State of Hawaii issues when a child is born on their soil, that the document is post dated. That is to say that the document was issued sometime AFTER the child was born.

The US Army rescinded his orders to Afghanistan, and the next day he was fired from his job at a company that has large contracts with the US Government. (The suit for the original document is still ongoing along with some others).

Here is another example -

Our ex governor is now the head of Homeland Security. While she was the governor the State Treasurer - Dean Martin - took her and her administration to court almost every year over budget issues.

Last week, our State Treasurer was to travel to Washington, DC, to testify at a Senate Hearing on the money that the Barack Obama administration was giving the State of Arizona. When he arrived at the local airport, TSA pulled him aside and told him he could not board the Aircraft due to his name being on the 'No Fly' list. (Did you know that that list has over 150,000 names?)

Now how does the name of Dean Martin get on the TSA's no fly list? Two words - ex governor.

So as you can see, we are already going down the communistic path and if we don't stand up now, when they come for us there will be no one left to stand up.

My $0.0000000000002 (Our president apologized to Tanzania for saying they were a backward country and they devalued the dollar.)

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