I need help!!

by Greg
(Wichita, Kansas, USA)

My name is Greg and I proudly served aboard the USS Ranger in the US Navy.

On October 5, 2010, a massive infection required the amputation of my left foot and part of my left leg. I am home/wheelchair bound.

My fiance is actively looking for work but is having little success, plus the fact that she is worried about leaving me alone. I have no children at home.

I have applied for Soc Sec disability/SSI but am waiting for the results. I also tried to get unemployment and workmans comp but have been denied on both. I have tried the local charities but they turned me down saying "insufficient funds".

My fiance has a relative that is willing to take her in if necessary, but I'm basically SOL if I get evicted as I have NOWHERE to go!


First, thank you for your service.

We're so sorry to hear about the problems you're having right now. The economy is really tough, and with serious medical problems in addition, we understand your concern.

You didn't mention whether you were working prior to the onset of your medical problems. If so, you probably should be eligible for some type of unemployment benefits. We don't know why your claim was denied, but perhaps you could ask someone at your local unemployment office to explain that to you, and see if there is anything you could do to appeal or request an additional hearing.

Unless your medical issues resulted from an on-the-job injury, or an illness that was contracted at work, there probably wouldn't be any workers comp coverage for your current situation.

Also, without knowing what type of work you have done, or are qualified for, it's difficult for us to know where to start in making suggestions about possible employment for you. There are programs that promote hiring vets, so you might find some assistance in that regard.

Unfortunately, you just missed a Hire a Vet Job Fair in Wichita on Tuesday of this week. We've linked to the information about it, and you might try calling that number and ask what companies participated in the job fair, because that will tell you which companies in the local area are interested in hiring veterans.

There is a VA Medical Center in Wichita, and they may have a social
outreach program that could offer some suggestions to you with regard to assistance available in the local area. Why don't you start by contacting the chaplain's office, at (316) 685-2221 extension 53413. That's the phone number shown on the linked page above. Even though you apparently are not a VA Hospital patient, the Chaplain's office should be able to point you in the right direction for some local assistance.

Also, contact the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs Central Office at (785) 296-3976 to learn what veterans services and benefits might be available to you from the State of Kansas. Wayne Bollig, the Veterans Services Program Director, is himself a veteran and a member of local veterans groups, and he may know of other local resources that are available.

Google "veterans kansas" and explore some of the listings there for other ideas.

You might also contact the local Salvation Army. They may be able to provide some temporary help.

Have you talked with your landlord and explained your circumstances? If you can demonstrate that you are actively seeking help, and that your inability to pay your rent is only temporary, s/he may be willing to work with you. Your circumstances are a bit unusual, and as long as the landlord has confidence that you will be able to catch up on the past due rent soon, you may be able to work out something.

If not, you will probably need to go ahead and look into possible alternatives. You mentioned that you don't have children at home. Do you have grown children that you might be able to stay with on a short-term basis while you work out some more permanent arrangements? I know that's not ideal, but it might be necessary for a short while if you can't work out something else.

If you are a member of a local church, there may be some assistance available through your church as well.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you're coming along. You can post updates by clicking on the link below that says, "Click here to post your commnents." If you can provide more details about what kind of work you're qualified to do, we might be able to make more recommendations.

Our readers might be able to help with some suggestions, too.

Our best wishes to you.

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