Disabled Vet in Alabama Needs Help With Food and Bills

by Terry
(Northport, Alabama)

I'm a disabled vet, trying to get some food and help with bills. I just lost my truck, and now my credit is bad.

Terry, first, thank you for your service. I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you're experiencing.

My first suggestion would be to talk candidly with your counselor at the VA there about your financial situation, and ask what services he/she knows of in the local area that might be available to assist you.

Then, contact the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs in Tuscaloosa. Many veterans don't realize their states have a separate department of veterans affairs which often has additional programs to assist veterans living in their states.

I notice there is a West Alabama Food Bank in Northport - you should be able to get food assistance from them.

Also, check with local churches (whether or not you're a member), and see if they have any programs that might offer some help.

You might also check with your local veterans groups (DAV, VFW, etc.) to see if they can help, or know where you might be able to get help. VFW has an unmet needs program that may be able to help.

You didn't mention which "era" of veterans you belong to, but if you're a Vietnam vet, try VVA, and if you're an Iraq/Afghanistan vet, try IAVA.

And please, be sure to come back and let us know how you're doing.

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