I have no money to live on

My husband hasen't been working for two years and we have been liveing off his 41k plan to get by.

He has been locking for work but so far hasen't found anything permanent.We fail behind on our mortgage payments and had to do a short sale and we have to leave are home with very little to live on.

what ever kind of help we could get would be greatly appreciated.

I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. So many people are facing similar situations these days.

You didn't mention where your live or what type of work you or your husband do, so that limits the number of suggestions I can make.

Have you considered applying for food stamps? Depending on the situation, you might qualify.

Look for social service agencies where you live who might be able to offer assistance. Check with your local churches to see if they operate a food bank, or if they can offer any other type of assistance.

Try looking for part-time or short-term work instead of full-time work. You might find an employer willing to make a shorter-term commitment, and then once you prove your value, he may be willing to extend the job.

With no more information, I'm afraid that's all the suggestions I have at the moment.

I hope your situation turns around soon, and your husband finds work.

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