Need Money Help

by Robert
(Atlanta GA.)

I need money help.

This is truly the hardest times in my life. I am about to lose everything. First off, i have no job and haven't in quite a while, but not for lack of looking.

When i was working i got several tickets in a company vehicle. The owner had no proof of insurance in truck. Trailer had expired tag and a non-working tail light. Owner never took care of these. Now it's past the court date and i've lost my license. i had no way of paying them myself after having to leave the co.

My car is about to be repo'ed because i'm several months behind. My phone and auto insurance both will be gone by mid-month. Also carrying a negative checking balance.

I have tried every resource i know of for assistance but have been turned down (social services, dept of labor, veterans admin). Without the above things (car,phone,license) i will have even less opportunity to find work.

I don't want to be jobless and homeless. Please help me before what little i have left is gone. In all reality less than $1500.00 can repair this situation.


Robert, we're sorry to hear you're having so much difficulty in your life at the moment. Thanks for writing to let us know you need money help.

Were the expired license plate, non-working tail light and no proof of insurance the only things you were cited for in the company truck? As you point out, those are all owner responsibilities. As the driver, however, you are probably legally responsible for making sure those things are proper before driving the vehicle, but in reality, you didn't have the ability to correct them.

You should have been able to appear before the judge and explain that you have neither the power nor the ability to rectify those things, and should not bear the penalties for something your employer
neglected. We're not familiar with the laws in Georgia, so we don't know whether that might have helped, but I would think the judge would at least have taken that into consideration.

If there were also operator citations issued (like speeding or DUI, for example), depending on what they were, they may have been enough by themselves to justify suspension of your license. Without more information, we just can't tell.

What were the circumstances under which you left the company? Were you fired, or did you quit? If you were fired, you may qualify for unemployment, depending on the reason you were fired and the laws in your state. If you quit, you probably wouldn't be eligible for unemployment.

Have you applied for food stamps? That might help you stretch your money a little farther.

I know you said $1500 would solve the problem, but that would probably fix it for only a month or two, and then you would be in the same boat again. Keep looking for work, and if you can't find a full-time position, see if you can find part-time work. I don't know what you do, or what you're qualified to do, so I'm afraid I can't give you more specific suggestions than that.

Talk to the lender who has your car loan. Explain to them that your situation is temporary, and you expect it to turn around quickly. Ask if they have a program that would allow them to give you a hardship deferment. Sometimes, that can allow you to skip a payment or two and give you a chance to get back on your feet. They may need more details about the hardship.

Obviously, if you lose the car, you won't need the car insurance.

Before you give up, get online and search Google or Yahoo for assistance in your local area.

I hope you are able to find the assistance you need.

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Thanks for your consideration
by: Robert

Thank you for reviewing my needs and the advice.

In reply to your questions: Those were the only citations that i received and was unaware of them not being paid until after the court date was past. I tried several times to work with the clerk of court to resolve these, however they were steadfast in the pursuit of the ticket amounts only.

As to my auto finance co. i have already used my free pass ergo my request. I requested just what would keep me afloat and yes i might end up in the position again but any time to get work and become productive again is more time then i currently have now.

As to my work skills i am willing to do anything that will help me alleviate my current need. Skills include fabrication of wood, metal, and stone and marble. Painting both interior, exterior, and auto.

Again i thank you for allowing me to post my need and the need is still there. i personally don't want anyone to send me anything. i would be happy to supply my finance co. name and account and also citation numbers and contacts so they can be paid directly.

I truly hate having to put my hand out. However, having grown up in foster care, i don't have the familial resources to rely upon and the social system is not designed for my current needs, so any help would be greatly appreciated and passed on when i can secure work. thanks again.

Robert, it sounds like you are trying to do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, we don't know of any particular organization we can refer you to in those circumstances. Your situation is a bit unusual, and doesn't really fall into the guidelines of the various organizations we know about.

It sounds like you have marketable skills, and with your attitude and determination, I'm sure you will find something. We hope you find it soon.

Readers, if you are aware of any group that might be able to assist Robert, please let us know by posting a comment below. Thank you.

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