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The City Council in Berkeley, California, recently voted to notify the US Marine Corps that its local recruiting office was an "uninvited and unwelcome intruder." It also encourages citizens, particularly the anti-war group Code Pink, to disrupt the recruiting and enlistment process, which is a violation of federal law.

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Berkeley City Council
About its Anti-Military Stance?

Do you have a message for the "Berserkeley" City Council, to let them know you support our men and women in uniform?

Do you think they went overboard with their support of Code Pink?

How do you feel about local governments encouraging Americans to interfere with recruiting efforts?

What do you think is the appropriate response from the federal government?

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"location, location, location" 
Garcia, from "P-town," writes: Well, I see the USMC Captain did a fine job for himself, his branch of The Service and his reasons for picking Berkeley. …

Open Letter to Code Pink from the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Officer 
This letter from the Marine officer in charge of the Berkeley Marine Officer Recruiting Office to the members of Code Pink is exactly what one would …

Leave Berkeley to Defend Themselves 
"It is a shame that Berkeley is not on some island in the South Pacific, because then they could be given their independence and left to defend themselves." …

Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Weak-Kneed Response 
This weak-kneed response was sent to me by the CEO of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce: "The Berkeley Chamber of Commerce has heard from individuals …

Granny's Gone Bad 
CODE PINK -- what a joke. The main reason for the Pinko's to intervene with the military using the anti-war status, is it interferes with their …

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