Granny's Gone Bad

by Carolyn
(Fayetteville NC )

CODE PINK -- what a joke.

The main reason for the Pinko's to intervene with the military using the anti-war status, is it interferes with their Global Tours. They use the anti-war status to keep the dollars coming in from the foundations (as in Tide and so on).

I say strip Berkeley from all of the monies earmarked for their goofy projects and any Federal money should go to cities that support their fellow countrymen and women.

Semper Fi to the Marines down there with the herb-smoking nuts. Thank you for your service to all the military.

Free speech, sure, but you are responsible for your words and actions.


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by: Black Betty

I'm wondeing after all this time why are we still at war and why did Brush not get impeacched from office for not having the U.N. or congress backing him for war! I say it was to get Saddam for his daddy and oil. What about 911? Don't you know that Bush's family was oil buddies with Bin Laden's family since the '80's!

Why are we so concerned about other countries when our own people here are starving. Our people are dieing because they can't afford to go to the doctor. War Venetian's are living on the streets begging for money!

This isn't America Homeland security helped to infringe on our rights which seem to be dwelling away daily. I'm worried as a citizen were is the future for our children in the U.S!

Why are our schools not ran by the government to make sure all our future people have a great education to better compete with other countries.

I could go on and on! All I pray is that someone in congress wakes the hell up!

Why can't the world get along and learn to love one anotther. Respect nature! Fix what we messed up on the planet. Thank God that we are still here! Be happy for your health and love ones! Tell the people that you love that you love them everyday!

Our world is really messed up I'm just glad we are still here!

Earmarked money
by: Anonymous

I couldn't agree more.

It's time the liberals have to stand up to the scrutiny the rest of our society does and make them earn the dollars they get from the rest of the taxpayers in this country.

The initiative of our President to block appropriations with earmarks should be supported by every American!

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