"location, location, location"

by Garcia

Garcia, from "P-town," writes:

Well, I see the USMC Captain did a fine job for himself, his branch of The Service and his reasons for picking Berkeley. I can't add anything.

I personally would have guessed that something like a protest would happen in Berkeley, but it was his call, and I would guess his location choice was approved by higher ups.

And, why shouldn't The Corps set up camp any dang place it wants as long as nobody is removed from any premise to accommodate them? Indeed!

To the Marines ... I served in South East Asia up in I Corps. And that comment is to just state where I am coming from, both in terms of service and tolerance for protest and disagreements from my era.

You have a right to be in Berkeley ... no ... your brotherhood has earned the right to be in Berkeley and recruiting, screening and mentoring for anyone in your Area of Operation ... if the bums, homeless, gangstas, and all other way off-center or out-of-balance people or entrepreneurs (that's a big word for someone who graduated late in life from Cal State Hayward, with a lefty, lib and slightly off-center Chicano/Filipino/ American Art Major ... I can spell .50-cal Heavy Machine gun better ) ... if all others can stay then you do so as well.

Code Pink ... what are you doing??? ... your behavior and expressions are nuts.

Robert E. Garcia

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