Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Weak-Kneed Response

by Brian Dennard
(San Diego)

This weak-kneed response was sent to me by the CEO of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce:

"The Berkeley Chamber of Commerce has heard from individuals far and wide regarding recent Berkeley City Council actions (Ed. - I bet they have!) and we appreciate that the American spirit is alive and robust.

The business community was not notified of pending city council action, nor asked for input. We ask everyone to try to separate the actions of the City Council and not harm the good, hard-working small business owners - most of whom do not live in Berkeley and therefore cannot vote in Berkeley.

Additionally, we believe that the Berkeley City Council owes an apology to the community and others, whether they be a Marine or a hard-working business owner, folks that are just trying to do their job in this terrible economy, and which is now more difficult because of their actions. We feel that granting a parking space in front of the Marine's office is harassment for them and their neighbors, and should be rescinded."

"We're the only group that is opposing council actions"

Berkeley Chamber of Commerce

Here is my response:

Berkeley Chamber of Commerce:

I would beg to differ with your opinion that you are "the only group opposing the city counsels actions".

You might want to start by reviewing the multitude of addresses CC'd in this email in re-assessing that stance- well over 350.

Next if you would like I could forward some of the 13,000 emails I have received from Americans all across the nation, Iraq and Afghanistan who have asked me to continue on with my/our boycott until Berkeley understands clearly that we will not stand for them calling the USMC (or any other branch of the armed services) "war criminals", "murderers", "assassins", etc.

YOUR high schools supplied (let them take off from school if they wanted to demonstrate against the Military) the foul-mouthed children who I witnessed verbally assault elderly women by screaming "you Nazi ****, get out of Berkeley", I watched two of their radical, hate-filled teachers, whom your city pays to teach these kids, direct these indoctrinated charges to surround and
verbally assault elderly veterans, screaming the most vile profanities.

Where were you while this abomination was going on? Where exactly were you voicing you opposition to the City Counsels position, from underneath your desk? You most certainly were not anywhere near the City Hall.

If you do believe that the City
of Berkeley owes the military an apology then write a letter to them clearly stating that position on Chamber of Commerce stationary and cc everyone on this list, otherwise I am afraid that I and most of these other patriots, will come to the conclusion that you have simply written this wimpy, undecipherable gobbledygook in the hopes that we would feel sorry for the poor people of Berkeley and go away.

You have sorely misjudged your opponents. We stand in defense of our warriors, those men and women who are willing to die for us and our way of life. We owe them no less than to stand up to any and all who mistreat and besmirch their good name, and include in that group those who stand on the sideline, rather than firmly, tall and proudly in their name, with us.

No, Mr. Garret (I see that you finally had the courage to add your name to the message below, in that when you first contacted me, you simply went by the name "assistant"), this is far from over.

In fact an appropriate way of phrasing this email should have been:

Now that we have your attention...

I have been contacted by Fortune 500 & 400 companies that wish to join in the boycott, in that they too are disgusted with the un-American antics of YOUR elected officials. They are two of the newest additions which already include three vintners, a Fortune 500 Head Hunter recruiter, restaurant suppliers, clothing manufacturers, and a day labor provider.

The list is growing as I recieve an additional 100-150 calls a day and an additional 500 emails. Further I am being interviewed on numerous prominent radio programs wherein I will ask for more companies to join us in the boycott.

YOUR city seems to be hell bent in repeating the sins of the past when you spit on and cursed those returning from Vietnam. WE are hell bent on teaching you that you and your city will never again be allowed mistreat and besmirch the heroes of the United States Armed Forces.

"Good People Sleep Peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."


Brian Dennard

Ed. Note: Mr. Dennard has established a new organization called Brigade America to publicize efforts to show support for American service members, and the boycott of businesses in Berkeley and every other American city showing a similar disrespect for our troops.

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I shall never forget nor forgive Berkeley
by: David Lee Bordelon

Since this incident happened a year ago, I've gone online to see which businesses and products come out of Berkeley, CA to see if I use or purchase any products from your horrible city. When I found products I purchase from Berkeley, I wrote to the company telling them I would no longer purchase their products until they leave Berkeley, California.

It's been more than a year now and I still to this day have not purchased any product made in Berkeley. I can never forgive your city.

You may say this is the work of some fringe fanatics, but these were elected politicians who represent their people and they represented the "hate America" and "hate the US military" attitude of the city quite well based upon the video of the council meeting I saw online.

May your city rot in hell.

Clearly Inadequate Response
by: Janet, Editor,

Thank you, Mr. Dennard, for sharing with us the clearly inadequate response from the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce.

Our discussion of their comments can be found here.

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