Treason and Cowardice

by Concerned Vet

In my opinion, these terrorist acts of the anti-war gangs are acts of treason and cowardice.

What they are practicing is anarchy, pure and simple - they are pushing to overthrow the government as we know it.

This posting represents an accurate portrayal of what is going on and what the real consequences will be.

I encourage everyone to contact their Congressional representatives and express the outrage of these acts of treason and cowardice and demand that they be branded for what they really are: TRAITORS.

Let's ask that they be dealt with accordingly; we are a nation at war and as such there are dire consequences for these acts of treason.

I am a veteran that defended our way of life and our freedoms in the Vietnam war while similar acts of treason and cowardice were going in our country, and because those people were not dealt with appropriately, the current gangs of traitors are emboldened to try and use the same tactics.

The excuse during Vietnam was that it was not a "declared war" and as such the government's ability to deal with them was restricted. That's not the case this time; Congress approved this war on terror and we should go after these traitors to the maximum extent within the law.

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