Speak Out Against the Growing Tide of Anti-Military Activism

Speak out against the anti-war protesters. Let them know they've gone too far in their anti-military activism. Remind them that free speech does not include violence. Remind them that their frustration with the Administration is being aimed against the very men and women who give them the right to voice their opinions.

Voice your support for our men and women in uniform!

Sound off!

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Directing Complaints Where Appropriate 
An Anonymous Military Spouse writes: As a military wife, I find it disgusting that activists will protest against the very men and women who sacrifice …

Arrest All of Them on Sight 
Robert writes: Every single one of them.... no questions asked. We demand respect and payment. And put them on trial for treason and harassment …

I Support the Troops But Not the War - BS! 
You Can't Handle the Truth During the past seven years, a new phrase has worked its way into the lexicon of the left-- I support the troops, but not …

Treason and Cowardice 
In my opinion, these terrorist acts of the anti-war gangs are acts of treason and cowardice . What they are practicing is anarchy , pure and simple …

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American troops warned to "watch their backs" on American soil!
What the Hell is Going on Here?

Sound off! What are your thoughts about American troops being attacked on American soil?

Anti-Military Berkeley Goes Berserk!
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Weak-Kneed Response to businessman Brian Dennard's letter.
Berkeley Chamber of Commerce is off-base in its response to Brian Dennard.
Support the Anti-Berkeley Campaign.
Grannys Gone Bad.
Leave Berkeley to Defend Themselves.
Letter to Code Pink from the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Officer.

Add your comments about Berkeley's anti-military-stance.

Post your thoughts about the 2008 Presidential Election.

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