Directing Complaints Where Appropriate

An Anonymous Military Spouse writes:

As a military wife, I find it disgusting that activists will protest against the very men and women who sacrifice everyday to preserve their constitutional rights.

If they have a problem with this "WAR" they need to take their loudmouths to Washington and stop penalizing people for having civic duty. I would encourage them to watch Documentary's such as "Baghdad ER", "Alive Day Memories" and "Taking Chance".

They can never fathom the sacrifice a military family makes when their loved one is shipped away because joining the military was the only way they could feasibly support their family and their country. Where were these activist on Sept 11? In the crowd with their fist in the air and now you scream for justice?

It is not the military that enacts war, but the politicians. There is a generation of kids growing up without one or both parents and families forever changed because some people had the character to stand up and say "No we will not let you attack what our forefathers before us fought so hard to establish........FREEDOM"!!!!

What have they done in their lives so significant that they can be proud to say that yes, I defended my country and preserved the rights of millions? These men and woman come home suffering and I think having to deal with your conscience is enough that you don't need to remind them of it. Isn't that what makes us human? Compassion for others?

Judge not lest ye be Judged!!!!!! You can never know or even presume to know what a man is struggling with until you have walked a mile in his shoes. If they have conflicts with this war then they need to write their Congressman, their government for change and not attack the men and woman who fight to preserve what we as a nation have fought so long to establish and protect.

The military builds character and pride in your country because it is a part of a long history of struggle for equality and freedom. Thomas Paine wrote in his pamphlet "Common Sense" that as a country then we could not sit by and let Britain beat us up,
that we had to take up arms to protect ourselves and we had to do that in 2001.

For those who have no idea what it means to be in the military or be a military family, you can never fathom the struggles they face emotionally; therefore, you can never understand the strains which they face.

Some of these activists will never know what it is like to sleep without your significant other for months at time, have a baby alone, be both parents, get to know your spouse all over again and introduce your children for the first time to their other parent. They will never know the lonely nights, the struggles that either the military member or family member faces.

How can you protest what you don't understand? How can you begin to scream anecdotes of hatred towards an organization for which you base the reputation on what the media perpetuates for you?

RESEARCH WHAT YOU KNOW BEFORE YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!! This country has faced many hardships and believe it or not some of those soldiers don't want to be there any more than you want them there, but they serve out of civic pride and duty as well as a way to better their future.

IS that so wrong to do what you need to in order to give your children a better life? How is it any different then the teacher who strips at night? Or someone taking a low paying job just to put food in their children's mouths?

This is a job that teaches character, respect, honor, duty, selfless sacrifice, patience, culture and integrity. Where else will you learn that in society?

Hmmm ... Threatening to cage people, well you aren't far from reverting back to your roots of slavery are you? President Obama said once at a press conference with the AIG bailout incident that he "Liked to know what he was talking about" before he spoke, perhaps this words should be analyzed by activists and incorporated.

Know that you are protesting against the correct organization before you attack them. It is a sad day when people are so hateful to those who die to preserve their right to voice their hate.

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