Arrest All of Them on Sight

by robert jones
(Leavenworth, Kansas )

Robert writes:

Every single one of them.... no questions asked.

We demand respect and payment.

And put them on trial for treason and harassment of women and children, and make certain after this they become broke, penniless, isolated like Gitmo...

But do it quietly.. use some technology... to invade their privacy because they are no longer Americans at this point, obviously. Use "citizen" action groups to avoid using the official military or police.

Make their lives a daily routine of privacy invasion to build the case of their insanity and to get confessions of possible partners: control their property and associations but do it quietly, cellphone militia style.

If they travel, make certain you know everything about where they go and what they do, because obviously they are no longer Americans... they are less than the animals.

sincerely r.k.j. (RobertHouda)

And Remember !!! THEY hate our "freedoms" and we died for theirs, so we CAN take back whatever we need to eliminate these pests and vermin from our shores.

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