2012 Presidential Candidates

Which of the Presidential candidates shares your views? To help you learn more about the various candidates, and their views on the issues, we are providing you with links to their campaign sites. To be impartial, they are listed alphabetically -- Democrats and then Republicans.

To find out which candidate's views are closest to your own, take the survey at the Minnesota Public Radio site. You may be surprised at the results!

You can also view each Presidential candidate's positions on the major issues. Issues covered in the survey include: abortion, federal debt, the economy, federal education policy, federal energy policy, the environment, federal health care, same-sex marriage, immigration, Social Security, taxes, how to fight terrorism, and how the US should handle the current wars.

Selection of a new Commander in Chief is always important to military families, as the personality and party occupying the White House has a direct impact on their lives for the next four to eight years.

So take the survey, then come back and let us know which candidate's views align more closely with your own, and why.

Democrat Candidate

Republican Candidate

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Which of the Presidential Candidates
Reflects Your Views?

Engaging in open debate about political issues is one of the things that sets America apart from many other countries in the world.

We encourage you to participate in our discussion here, to help others become better informed voters. Your submission constitutes your agreement to the published submission guidelines.

Which presidential candidate's views align most closely with yours? Which differs the most?

Which candidate do you think would do a better job of helping the economy recover?

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I'm all for President Obama  
Shaneria writes: President Obama has done a great job since he has been in office its goin to take longer than four years to fix all the mayhem Bush …

Mr. Obama, Get a Grip on Reality 
George writes: Obamacare is a joke. We have universal health care now - it's called medicaid. Offer it to people on a sliding scale as to their income. …

I'm Unsure where Obama Stands on Anything 
Range Rover writes: It's true, I'm unsure where Obama stands - on anything. I've seen video clips where he once said he was against gay marriage …

Bugsy writes: Barack Obama is a fraud! He wants Romney to release his last 10 tax returns, right? So, why, then, does Obama refuse to show his …

Obama is Our Savior  
An anonymous reader writes: Wake up America! Obama is our savior! Do you really believe that what the Republican party has to offer you is going …

Still Supporting Obama 
Theresa writes: I voted for you 4 yrs ago, Mr. Obama, will vote 4 you again, I feel Romney just talk words, you set goals. I think Obama has made …

Is Obama Gay? 
Joe writes: At most times we practice politeness, but at others we are forced to face the vivid circumstances that, surrounding us, compel us to do …

Barack Obama Cares Not rated yet
How on earth do you expect a man who has been stonewalled by the Republican Party for four years to clean up the mess left by the Bush administration in …

I Think Not rated yet
Hi i am Elesea i am 13 i think that everyone should vote you, i belive that you had to come in to the world at a bad time when everything was going on, …

Put Up or Shut Up, Mr. Obama Not rated yet
Anonymous writes: Dear Mr. Obama, You work for the people who don't work . The people who do work, their paycheck goes to the ones who don't work. …

Republican will Vote for Obama Not rated yet
Gabriela writes: I am 72 years of age. I came to the United States at age 18, and since my marriage to a Veteran of World War II, I have been a …

Obama Birth Certificate Illegal? Not rated yet
Bonnie writes: I believe that the Republicans and Democrats are toooo afraid to check out Sheriff Joe's findings on the Obama birth certificate. They …

Barack Obama is Corrupt Not rated yet
John writes: Barack Obama is corrupt! He's lied, stolen America's future, turned this country into a disaster. He is a communist, muslim phony... …

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