Barack Obama Cares

by Sandy
(Melbourne, FL)

How on earth do you expect a man who has been stonewalled by the Republican Party for four years to clean up the mess left by the Bush administration in just four years? He works hard but the Republicans have made his job nearly impossible.

They need to grow up and work together for Americans and stop being puppets for their party. It's a no-win situation for every one if they can't work together.

Mitt Romney has five sons and is the product of a polygamist family. Romney has no specifics for fixing America just a lot of rhetoric and one liners.

I personally am scared to see another republic in the White House.

Look at all the good things the democrats have done and for eight years George Bush spent billions on two wars that killed thousands of our young people and ran this country on fear. He engaged in those two wars without the approval of the United Nations and what have we got to show for it? A lot of dead Americans and a lot of our money spent overseas that could have been used for us. It was our money he spent.

I would vote for Obama in a coma even before I would waste my vote on Romney. Romney talks a good game but has no substance.

You bet I want to see his tax returns for the last ten tears. He won't produce them because he has something to hide.

Look how many millions he made shipping jobs overseas and how jobs he destroyed here. Like I said before, why are none of his sons in the service.

I am a 100 percent disabled veteran, one of the 47% that depend on the government for living. Do you think I will do better if Romney wins? I know I won't and it scares me.

I won't vote for a single republican because they have not made any efforts to work with the current administration. We don't need people in our government who don't work for the people.

Sandy, let me start by thanking you for your service to our country.

Then I'll ask you to put down the Kool-Aid and think for yourself and "stop being puppets for {your} party." You proably don't even realize that you're just parroting their talking points.

Let's look at some of your charges. Democrats are desperate for you to believe that "it's all Bush's fault" because then they don't have to face you and accept responsibility for what they've done to this country.

I'm sure our readers would like to hear what you think are "all the good things the democrats have done," because many of us don't see anything for this Administration to brag about.

It has systematically ignored our Constitution, the "Supreme Law of the Land," installed non-elected "czars" who report to no one but Obama, created massive debt that will cripple our economy for generations, and ensured the end of our health care choices with Obamacare. This Administration has not only violated the laws of this country, but has actively encouraged citizens to do the same.

This part of your post really worries me:
"He engaged in those two wars without the approval of the United Nations."

Sandy, as a veteran of our armed forces, surely you know that we don't need permission of the United Nations to protect the interests of the U.S. anywhere in the world! Have you been drinking the Kool-Aid so long that you're willing to hand over U.S. sovereignty to the U.N.? PLEASE, put down the glass and back away before it's too late for all of us!

Then you say, "Romney talks a good game but has no substance."

Yet you're planning to vote for a classic empty suit who can't hold an intelligent conversation without a teleprompter? Obama not only holds the distinction of being the first black president of the Harvard Law Review; he's also its first president to not publish a single article. And there's convincing evidence that he didn't even write his own "autobiography," much of which is apparently fiction anyway.

Next you say, "I want to see his tax returns for the last ten tears. He won't produce them because he has something to hide."

You do realize, don't you, that Barack Obama has spent millions of dollars in legal fees to keep all records of his life hidden from you? Why don't you want to see his records? What is he hiding?

Don't you want to see his birth certificate, or know why Barack Obama, supposedly born in Hawaii and who never visited the mainland till he was in college, uses a Social Security number issued in Connecticut, to a man who died shortly before Obama was born? Let's see those records!

You can’t see his records from the elite Punahou school in Hawaii. What do they hide?

You can't see his college records from Occidental College, presumably because they might contain evidence that he is constitutionally ineligible for the office of President, in an application for financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia. If he claimed to be a citizen of Indonesia after the age of 18, that would operate to renounce his
American citizenship. Indonesia does not permit dual citizenship, so in order to become a citizen of Indonesia, he would have had to give up his American citizenship (assuming he was an American citizen at birth, which is still unproven), and reaffirming his Indonesian citizenship after age 18 would also reaffirm, as an adult, renouncing his American citizenship as a minor. Oops.

You also can't see his school records from Columbia or Harvard. Why? What's he hiding there?

Or his records as an Illinois attorney, where he and Michelle both "surrendered" their licenses, a very unusual move. What's he hiding there?

Scuttlebutt says it was surrendered in order to avoid an investigation of charges that he lied (about several things) on his application for admission to the state bar (which the state bar would consider a serious offense, possibly grounds for disbarment).

Or his passport records, or his mother's passport records, which have mysteriously turned up missing! What secrets do those hide?

Seriously, Sandy, how can you (or Obama) complain about anyone hiding something?

“Why are none of Romney’s sons in the service?”

Because they grew up in America, where they were free to choose the profession they wished to pursue, and where we have an all-volunteer military. You know, Sandy, one of those freedoms you (and I) served to protect.

Once again, the pot calls the kettle black: Obama's father, Barack Obama, Sr., was already married before he married Ann Dunham (if he did, no records). Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango, had at least four wives and his great-grandfather, Obama Opiyo, had five, including two who were sisters, according to a report by the Washington Post. So let's just call polygamy a wash and move on.

“I am a 100 percent disabled veteran, one of the 47% that depend on the government for living. Do you think I will do better if Romney wins?”

Yes, I definitely do, Sandy. You’re not the part of the 47% that is the problem. The problem is with those who are NOT disabled who nevertheless rely on the government for a living because it’s easier than getting a job. You know, Sandy, those who sit on their duffs and collect welfare because they’ve learned how to game the system.

For example, I know 2 beautiful, bright little girls whose sole reason for existence is that their mother knew she had to have 2 children to qualify for welfare. They don’t live with her, and she has to be paid to babysit her own children! She’s never worked a day in her life, and doesn’t intend to, because she gets enough money from the government to sit and watch soap operas all day!

Those are the kind of people who make up part of that 47%, and they’re the ones who need to start taking responsibility for themselves. Yet Obama just did away with the “workfare” requirements that Bill Clinton signed into law in 1996.

Why? Because he wants more and more Americans totally dependent on the government, because he knows he can count on them to vote Democrat. Those dastardly Republicans might make able-bodied people work instead of watching soap operas and eating bonbons!

Think about this, Sandy. If 47% of Americans are dependent on the government, that means half of us are supporting all of us. How far do you think that balance can be tilted before the system implodes?

There’s a simple reason why socialism has never worked. When the producers realize that they’re working very hard to end up with almost the same amount as those who watch soap operas and eat bonbons, they’re going to say, “What’s the point of working? I can make almost as much by sitting on my rear, so I think I’ll just do that.” And they stop producing. So now, that one worker who was supporting two people (himself plus someone else) has now created two more people for someone else to support (who was already supporting two). It can't work; it’s not mathematically possible.

And here’s your final indictment of Obama: “We don’t need people in our government who don’t work for the people.”

You’re absolutely right, Sandy, and that’s why almost all the politicians in Washington need to be sent home. There are too many who are no longer working for the people who elected them. We need to clean house of everybody who’s there now, and send some people to Washington who have not forgotten that they work for us.

If they’re going to pass some legislation because it’s “best for us,” then it should apply to them as well, because if it’s best for us, it must be best for them, too.

Think about it, Sandy. If Obamacare is so good for the rest of us, why did Obama exempt himself and his family? Any why did Congress exempt themselves and their families? Because they hadn’t read it, and were afraid of what it might mean to their families. But it’s good enough for you and me, Sandy, because, after all, who are we? What do we deserve? Certainly not something that’s good enough for members of Congress – our “ruling elite.”

Let's get rid of the ruling elite, and put government back in the hands of “real” people!

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