Put Up or Shut Up, Mr. Obama

Anonymous writes:

Dear Mr. Obama,

You work for the people who don't work. The people who do work, their paycheck goes to the ones who don't work.

So when the people who do work need assistance, there's Jack nothing for us, because we make too much (but how are we going to survive with no money coming in?).

As if you care, with your numerous useless vacations - that money could be better spent. Like almost $2 million for your Christmas vacation? (See The Hawaii Reporter for a breakdown of those costs.)

What about all those expensive vacations that Michelle takes without you, with family and friends tagging along? How much does THAT cost the taxpayers? Like that trip to Spain that cost a cool half million? (See usbacklash.org for those details.) And the famous trip to South Africa and Botswana that cost more than that? She wasn't elected, and no one agreed to foot the bills for her to travel the globe in extravagant style.

And what about sending your daughter to Mexico for Spring Break with 25 Secret Service agents at taxpayer expense? Why should the taxpayers pay for that?

In your economy, middle class families can't afford vacations in Hawaii, Aspen, Mexico, Spain, or South Africa. Heck, they can't even afford a vacation in the next town!

Put your money where your mouth is. You and Michelle preach that everyone has to tighten their belts, but we don't see YOU doing that. By the way, $500 sneakers is NOT tightening your belt, Michelle!

Why don't you try living as most middle class live since you became president? See how you like it!

There's no vacations for middle class, we're just trying to keep our heads above water! Must be nice!

Just think, Obama, the people who could be fed, etc., who do work!

Now I will say, some people truly deserve to be on welfare (those are the ones who try), but for the most part, people on welfare are lazy and that is all they are taught. So go figure!

Welfare was meant to be a help-up not a hand-out for life so you can lay there and be a baby machine. Too many people take advantage of the system, and you (govt) are using that to your advantage to brain wash people.

As for your health plan, we the people who work, have BEEN paying for lazy people (the health plan will just triple even more).

If you really want to help the middle class, then put up or shut up! You have just made the country more unbearable than what it already was!

Just do your job the way you were supposed to in the first place! You know, the way you promised before the LAST election.

I know what it is like to not be able to pay bills. And it seems like there's no way to get ahead.

By the way, you should save the country even more money and say no to the body guards when you're done with being president.

I'm personally hoping you don't get re-elected!

Good Day!

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