I Think

by Elesea west
(perry )

Hi i am Elesea i am 13 i think that everyone should vote you, i belive that you had to come in to the world at a bad time when everything was going on, i know my opinion might not matter, but i think that you are doing a good job.

I hope people vote for you, cause i know if i where able to vote i would vote for you. I think that they should let you stay in the white house for as long as you would like, i understand that the economy is bad, in a lot of people are giving you crap. But do not lesson to them you are doing a good job, so all i have to say is keep up the good work. GOOD LUCK !!!

Elesea, while we appreciate your interest in the election, we are concerned about what your submission says about the quality of the education you are receiving.

We have not edited your comment at all, other than breaking up your one long paragraph.

We'd like to invite you to re-read what you submitted, and see if you can find the grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling errors (we found more than 20, and yes, we majored in English).

We would respectfully suggest that for the next five years until you're old enough to vote, your personal future would be better served if you paid less attention to outside distractions, including elections, and more attention in class.

If you don't know what we're talking about, print this page and take it to your
English teacher for an explanation. And if he or she can't explain it to you, come back here, and we'll help you.

We don't intend to be mean to you. Your post has us very concerned about the quality of our educational system. A student of 13 (eighth grade?) should not be making the type or number of mistakes we see in your post, so it appears that either your school system is not serving you well, or you are not serving yourself well and are jeopardizing your future by handicapping your ability to get a decent job.

We can tell you, as someone who has screened job applications, that if you made these types of mistakes on a job application, it would get tossed in the trash before it ever got to the person making the hiring decision, and you would never even get a chance to interview for the position.

We realize you're young, and that's why we're telling you these things, while you still have five more years of school to work on preparing yourself to compete for the few jobs that are out there.

Since you're interested in the election, we're sure you've heard about how many people are unable to find jobs today, including people graduating from college. So you need to do everything you can to gain a competitive edge, so that you can create a bright future for yourself and your children. That means diligently pursuing your education, and working hard to do better than your classmates.

We wish you all the best in your educational endeavors.

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