Is Obama Gay?

by Joe Jones
(Sin City)

Joe writes:

At most times we practice politeness, but at others we are forced to face the vivid circumstances that, surrounding us, compel us to do the right thing, to make the appropriate choice, the greatest good for the greatest number, and to undertake that course of action and adhere to its rigorous measures. For no moral choice easily made is made without the measuring of deeper, unconscious beliefs which weigh heavily against reality.

For instance, recently one of my esteemed colleagues said to me that he believed our president was an in-closet homosexual. His statement originally shocked me and embarrassed me as I tend to stay clear of political talk and political rhetoric.

A politician is only in it to make money and this is why I call them scoundrels! So if Barack Obama is in fact an in-closet homosexual, which is a distinct reality, then we are forced to make an appropriate choice.

If we don't want to be impolite, and we want still to express ourselves, then we must undertake a course of action which serves the greater good. As I said, I'm not really interested in politics; politics is for crooks because they're only in it for the money; this is axiomatic to history.

So, reality considered and thoroughly thought over, we can make an intelligent decision. Will we make the moral decision? Will we shove off blame to someone else and assume we can "hide the sarcophagus," as the saying goes?

This all weighs heavily against our reality, and unfortunately we will either be loved
or hated based on these circumstances and the ultimate choice which we make. The exposed weakness will become healed and the mouths of entrepreneur and artist shall turn again.

I wasn't placed on Earth for any specific reason, and this is the funniest fact I have ever faced. My friend, whom I mentioned above, tells me that when he was a boy he believed he was an aeroplane that flew missions to the Andromeda galaxy and back. "I guess," he says, "I'll have to face the fact someday that my son is gay." I laugh because I wonder what the hell that means and think to myself "Who in the hell has time to sit around and think of these things." He says, "Most gays do it because they hear it on the radio and see it on the TV." I tell him about Barack Obama because the two just dove-tail so nicely. He says "Is that why Barack Obama does it too?"

Barack Obama was from Kenya until he decided to run mad through the streets of the lower-east side of Chicago. After his experiences there he must've got wise and so he decided to be the first Kenyan president of America. I wonder when he makes his "moral" decisions does he have unconscious pressure that makes him squeamish and unable to act. Does reality weigh heavily on him? Now, a politician ought to be able to make good choices on a meager salary of $250k, but I wonder does the homosexuality get in the way?

You tell me friends. Talk-to-you-Later.

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Oct 29, 2012
by: Jay from Pensacola Florida

I am shocked and extremely disappointed to read this on a web site like this…

What has President Obama done to lead you or anyone to believe he is gay?

There is NO reason, NO evidence, NO grounds for any of this but to promote hate and fear of our President.

Remember the line, “Truth, justice and the American way”. That’s what we fight for in this country but now one of our political parties (MY PARTY!) has abandoned our American way to pollute us with these wild and reckless accusations.

I understand the Fox News viewers falling for this crap but I’m shocked that such stupidity is showing up here of all places…


Jay, thank you for joining our conversation.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, this article was submitted by one of our readers. We included it because one of the things we advocate is voter education.

And, as you point out, we're firm believers in "Truth, justice, and the American way!" Which is exactly why it's so disturbing that the lamestream American media refuses to mention anything negative about Obama. Voters need to know the truth.

There is plenty of speculation about Obama being gay, supported by some interesting facts and disturbing anecdotes. Before you dismiss the idea off-hand, do an internet search for "Obama gay" and "Obama down-low" and spend 15-30 minutes reading what you find. This is one of the "pieces of dirt" that Hillary's team uncovered, and may have been one of the reasons she was offered the Secretary of State job.

After you read some of those stories, come back and tell us if you still believe "There is NO reason, NO evidence, NO grounds for any of this." We don't agree. We think you need to educate yourself about this man with so many secrets that he's spent millions on lawyers to keep all details of his life hidden. What's he hiding?

And, by the way, we're not promoting hate. We're promoting "truth, justice and the American Way."

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