I'm Unsure where Obama Stands on Anything

by Range Rover
(North America)

Range Rover writes:

It's true, I'm unsure where Obama stands - on anything.

I've seen video clips where he once said he was against gay marriage and then said he was for it later.

He promised to close Guantanamo within a year of his presidency, and the prison remains nearly four years later.

He promises greater access to public services like education, but he wants less taxes for the middle-class -- just where is he to get the revenue?

He portrays himself as a liberal, but he advocates the same policies for a greater expansion of military power at home and abroad (a civilian military counterpart?!).

He's campaigning as a black man but was raised by white parents and grandparents.

All and all, I think many believe him to be a progressive president mostly because he's the first black president.

I don't understand him. Do you?

Range Rover, this series of articles may provide some insight to help you understand more about Barack Obama, who he is, and what he stands for:

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Nov 04, 2012
Correction of Obama Comment
by: Anonymous


This is Range Rover, who originally wrote the comment on Obama. I'm afraid there was an error when it was published. I originally wrote: "He's black but was raised by white parents--kidding!" But someone changed my joking line to: "He's campaigning as a black man but was raised by white parents and grand parents." I would *never* say something like that. It's just not relevant to his campaign. Once again, the line I originally wrote was a joke, but someone deleted that part.

It's worth noting. :-)

Hi Range Rover, thank you for coming back and commenting.

You are correct, we did edit your comment, and here's why.

First, how is it a joke? It was a statement of (almost) fact. So we corrected it to make it factually correct - Obama is not black, he's half black, but he IS campaigning as a black man.

And it is correct that he was raised by his white mother and grandparents.

So how is any of that a joke?

If the corrected version is not relevant to the campaign, neither is the first, so why include it and then try to hide behind "it's a joke" and "I would never say anything like that?" Because you did.

Our job as editor is to help make submitted comments more understandable to our readers, and we do correct factual errors on occasion, when we believe it helps the reader understand. That's what we thought we were doing here.

Sorry, we just don't understand your beef with the edit. Maybe you could explain it?

Nov 04, 2012
Is it Just Me?
by: Me, Yuma, AZ

When did God leave our nation?

I didn't turn my back on God.

This country was founded on Christian principles and it should remain that way.

When did this country turn its back on the military? They are why we have the privileges we do.

Obama has taken everything out of America that has been respected for over 200 years, and is now trying to turn it into a garbage can.

Unless people wake up and take a stand, we will be a Third World country, and our America will be no more.


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