Obama Birth Certificate Illegal?

by Bonnie Tooley
(Creal Springs, Il USA)

Bonnie writes:

I believe that the Republicans and Democrats are toooo afraid to check out Sheriff Joe's findings on the Obama birth certificate. They just don't want to roil the waters.

They apparently aren't interested in our Constitution or the people's concern.

Are they afraid of Obama?

If you believe this, pass an email to every one of your friends. You know what they say - the loudest squeak gets the most oil.

So fellow citizens and friends, Squeak as loud as you can!

Hi Bonnie,

You bring up a very good point: What is everyone so afraid of?

There are reports that many media outlets have received threats (from whom?) about reporting on this story. I have even heard that some news anchors quit their jobs over concerns about their families' safety. I can't confirm these reports, but I can't ignore them, either.

Have we declined to a society in which the biggest bully wins? What ever happened to the rule of law?

There have been numerous reports about the many reasons that Barack Obama (if that is really his name) is not eligible to be President, and we have discussed many of them here: http://www.military-money-matters.com/soldier-challenges-barack-obama.html and here: http://www.military-money-matters.com/ltc-lakin.html

What do you think?

Is Obama eligible to sit in the Oval Office or to answer the "red phone" at 3 a.m.?

Does it matter?

If one part of our Constitution is ignored with no public outcry, then can we count on the freedoms outlined in other parts? I don't think so.

I think we need to be extremely vocal, and make sure we make our voices heard that we want our Constitution to remain the supreme law of the land. It is one of the founding documents of the greatest republic this earth has ever seen, and our founding fathers thought through very carefully the best way to preserve the freedom they established for themselves for the generations to come after them.

So, as Bonnie says, "Squeak loudly and often!"

Let your voices be heard!

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