Bugsy writes:

Barack Obama is a fraud! He wants Romney to release his last 10 tax returns, right?

So, why, then, does Obama refuse to show his college records?

Why doesn't Michelle allow the public to read her racist thesis she wrote while attending Princeton?

Why doesn't Obama let the public see the passports he used traveling around the world before becoming a Senator?

Why has Obama spent millions of dollars keeping these items secret from the public??

Why? Why? WHY??


Bugsy, those are excellent questions. But I do hope you're not holding your breath for answers.

It seems pretty clear that Barack Obama (if that's really his name) is working hard (and spending millions in legal fees) hiding SOMETHING.

The question is, WHAT??

Is it that his mother was never legally married to Barack Obama, Sr.? (Marriage records have never been found.)

Is it that his father was not the Kenyan Barack Obama after all, and the truth would mess up his carefully crafted narrative?

Is it that, in additional to being his ideological father, the Communist Frank Marshall Davis was his biological father also? (There is a striking physical resemblance, and evidence to suggest his mother had an intimate relationship with
Davis.) Why else would his mother, when leaving him in Hawaii with her parents to attend the elite Punahou school, ask her father to be sure to take young Barry to visit with Frank on a regular basis?

Is it that, when he was adopted in Indonesia, that necessitated forfeiting his American citizenship, because Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship?

Is it that he applied for financial aid at Occidental College as a foreign student, claiming Indonesian citizenship?

Is it that, as a college student (after age 18), he traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport at a time when holders of US passports were not allowed to travel to Pakistan?

Is it that his "autobiography," Dreams from My Father, which is looking more and more like fiction, was written by someone else, most probably the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers?

Or is it something else?

Or is it all of the above?

That's the "$64,000 Question," Bugsy.

And it looks like we may never know the truth about who or what Barack Obama is, although this campaign season has given us numerous documented examples that he's "truth-challenged."

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May 13, 2015
Obama Not Telling The Truth
by: Anonymous

Obama is not telling the truth to people which is why the problems are still there locally and internationally.

Apr 25, 2015
by: Greg Sheen

I totally agree with what you asserted here. Especially "it looks like we may never know the truth about who or what Barack Obama is, although this campaign season has given us numerous documented examples that he's "truth-challenged."

Oct 28, 2012
Obama is Hiding Something
by: Anonymous

I totally agree. Obama is obviously hiding something and attacking Romney's tax records to take the spotlight off of himself. Donald Trump is the only one putting the spotlight back on him.

My hope is that even after Obama is out of office (which I hope is sooner rather than later) that his background is thoroughly investigated. If it is found that he was not eligible to be president, he needs to be stripped of his title and pension, forced to pay restitution for his 4 years of salary, and go to federal prison for fraud and treason.

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