Mr. Obama, Get a Grip on Reality

by George
(Salisbury, NC)

George writes:

Obamacare is a joke. We have universal health care now - it's called medicaid. Offer it to people on a sliding scale as to their income.

I voted for you in 2008 - big mistake! You go by what experts tell you? What the hell?

Why are you making trucking companies get electronic logs? I don't need someone telling me what time to go to bed! What, am I 7 years old?

You people in Washington, from you and every one of you, should be fired. You would not know a hard day's work if it bit you in the ass!

Let me ask you - how do you know what's best for the working man or woman?

Have you ever tried paying bills on crap wages? If not, how can you talk about it? Show some guts.

Our parents worked forty hours a week. I work 70 to 80 hours a week. I guess that's what you meant by hope and change??

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Nov 04, 2012
Seriously? A Flag with Obama in Place of the Stars?
by: Ivan

I cannot believe that some American people have gone so far as to put Obama's logo on the American Flag.

This is something they would do in Iraq, Iran, Russia, or any communist country.

The stars and stripes represent the states of our Union and our military fights for this flag.

This shows any intelligent person what Obama's Ideology is.

He think he's important enough to replace the stars in our flag?

His narcissism is too much for me!

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