Obama is Our Savior

by Anonymous

An anonymous reader writes:

Wake up America! Obama is our savior!

Do you really believe that what the Republican party has to offer you is going to save this great nation?

Why should we support our military? There are no threats out there! The military is bloated and Should be reduced!

We need more equality for the classes! The rich should be forced to pay more! The poor should be given more benefits and extended unemployment relief up to at least another four year term.

I don't want to work. I want to be enslaved and be a mindless follower to to the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-blaspheming Obama Regime.

You think Obama is our savior?

I stand here ashamed that four years ago, I cast my vote for this slick-talking, money-hoarding, dishonest, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-family-values, anti-military, anti-middle-class, anti-capitalism, anti-Black (yeah, he's screwing you too), anti-patriotic, ANTI-CHRIST SOB and may God strike me dead if I were to make the same horrid, inexcusable mistake twice.

I don't wish that same fate upon any of you that are stupid enough to vote for this Obamanation again, I leave that up to God. He has a proven record of Survival of the Fittest.

Who chooses to be the next meal?

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Feb 09, 2012
The mistake of the ages
by: Anonymous

Einstein was right when he said there are but two finites, the universe and the stupidity of man, and I'm not too sure about the former.

Those who voted for Obama proved Einstein right beyond any doubt. As one writer said, "It is not the prince of fools, but the republic of fools who elected him."

He and his cabal are trying to allow him to become another Hitler. They want to disarm the people so they can't stop his dictatorship from happening. What would be tragic is if the American troops would ever obey an order to take down Americans who will resist his dictatorial orders to control us completely.

Regardless of their attempts to destroy the second amendment, we will never give up our right to defend ourselves, even against an oppressive government.

Unfortunately for those who hold dear their Second Amendment right to bear arms, there are so many who either just don't care, or don't appreciate the dangers of gun control, who are perfectly willing to give up YOUR right!

You must stand up and speak up to keep that from happening.

Feb 03, 2012
Obama is taking this country down!
by: Anonymous

I agree - I believe Obama is a devoted muslim to say the least.

He is hell bent on taking this country down and unless every noble American wakes up and votes, he will succeed.

He now has the authority to have you arrested by the military, yes, and even assassinate you if he wants it done.

Hitler, satan, mao, stalin, all rolled into one with the name Obama. We need to impeach the radical-in-chief.

And whatever else, we certainly need to make sure he's a one-term wonder!

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