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Sarah Palin -- The American Margaret Thatcher

Sarah Palin is the US's answer to Margaret Thatcher!

Anyone who thinks she cannot handle the job or deal briskly and efficiently with ANY issue, including foreign governments? Well, they haven't met our Sarah.

As an Alaskan resident as well as a resident of Wasilla, AK, where Sarah Palin was at one time Mayor, I can speak with confidence.

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is

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Where were Obama's "Testimonials?"

Charles Krauthammer's column yesterday hit the nail squarely on the the head. This must NOT be missed! By CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER | Posted Thursday,

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HOORAY! Someone to Vote FOR!

Agnes writes: I VOTE MCCAIN/PALIN Ed.: Agnes, thank you for contributing to our conversation. Would you share with our readers what it is that

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John McCain is a Man of His Word

John McCainJohn McCain is a man of his word.

He pledged to accept federal campaign funds in the general election, as did the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama.

As he rose to rock star celebrity, however, Barack Obama decided to renege on his pledge to accept federal funding for the general election.

What does this mean, and why should you care?

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Presidential Platform Worthy of Support!

Election humor received via e-mail --

Now here's a Presidential Platform worthy of support:

(1) 'Press 1 for English' is immediately banned. English is the official language; speak it or

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Obama and Infanticide

Vietnam Vet writes:

Can someone explain to me how, in this great country, a proponent of infanticide has been nominated to run for President of this great country?????

He opposed

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Who Is Barack Obama?

Barack Obama was a relative unknown when, less than five months into his first term as a U.S. Senator, he announced his bid for the Presidency of the United States. Since that time, journalists have searched three continents to provide voters with answers to the question "Who is Barack Obama?"

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Obama "Connected to Challenges Faced by Everyday Americans?"

Ellen wrote:

I confess when I first heard McCain would be the Republican candidate, I was excited. I thought I could be happy no matter which party won.

But after studying his voting record on issues that matter to me, like the environment, consumer protection issues, the war, and personal freedoms, I came to the conclusion that there was no way I could vote for him.

I am happy to be voting for Obama and Biden. I respect them both and am very impressed with Obama's independence and connection with the challenges everyday Americans are facing. I am looking forward to this election and a renewed vision for America in 2009!

Ed. note:

Hi, Ellen. We thank you for contributing to our election discussion.

We're wondering if you would share with our readers where there is evidence that Obama has ANY "connection with the challenges everyday Americans are facing."

Contrary to Jeremiah Wright's assertion, Barack Obama has no idea what it's like to live as a poor black man. He grew up in a white family, enjoyed an elite education out of the reach of most Americans, and now lives in a home he paid more than $1.6 million dollars for, purchased with the help of

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LtCol Chessani Needs Your Help Now

For the past two and a half years, Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Chessani, USMC, has been investigated and prosecuted for his involvement in the so called "Haditha massacre" - a "massacre" that never happened.

Now - after devoting 20 years of his life to defend ours ─ he faces criminal charges as a result of a legitimate combat action taken by four of his Marines after they were ambushed by insurgents in Haditha, Iraq, on November 19, 2005.

You may have heard that the military judge in the case dismissed the charges against Chessani, citing unlawful command influence. But the government has appealed the decision, and

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NBC Poll -- In God We Trust?

After a recent lawsuit filed by an avowed atheist to have the motto "In God We Trust" removed from U.S. currency, NBC has posted a poll to find out how America feels about keeping God in our country (or at least on our money).

Here's your chance to let the media know where we, the people, stand on our faith in God, as a nation.

It never ceases to amaze us that these fanatics don't seem to understand that what our Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee us is Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom FROM Religion. That means we are free to practice any religion we choose, including no religion.

If this man is so offended by having that motto on his money, I'm sure there are plenty of homeless and hungry people who would be happy to relieve him of the burden of carrying around that offensive cash! We'd be happy to take it off his hands. He clearly has too much of it, if he's hired lawyers for this.

This nation was founded on Christian principles, and it is clear that our founding fathers intended for it to be that way. We believe that's one of the things that sets us apart as one of the most principled nations on the planet (even if it does look like things have been slipping lately, and more in some places than others!). We're still so much better off here than we would be anywhere else.

It's time for the silent majority to speak up! Don't let the actions of a noisy few take away the rights of the rest of us. Stand up and be heard.

Please vote on this important subject right away, before NBC takes the poll off the web page. Vote now.

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An American Soldier Gets a Free Meal
at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill

At Toby Keith's Bar & Grill in Oklahoma City, the menu starts with the

"American Soldier Special":

Cheeseburger, Fries and Drink,
On the House
for the Soldier with I.D. (one time only),
courtesy of the red, white and blue.

What a great example of a celebrity who "puts his money where his mouth is" (pun intended), and shows his gratitude to our service members not only with his song, "American Soldier," but also by buying them a meal.

Thank you, Toby Keith, for setting an example for others, and thank you, Nathan, for writing to let us know.

So if you happen to be in or near OK City and have a hankerin' for an all-American cheeseburger meal, now you know where to go!

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Historical Perspective: Why We're In Iraq

In this historical perspective, writer Ray Kraft examines the War on Terror, or as it is probably more accurately described, the War Against Islamic Extremists.

Most of us are not old enough to remember

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Protecting Military Family Financial Benefits Act

New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has just introduced a critical piece of legislation, the "Protecting Military Family Financial Benefits Act"(H.R. 6774).

"Our men and women in uniform deserve to know that if something happens to them, their children will be taken care of," said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. "The Protecting Military Family Financial Benefits Act will help

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Find Registered Sex Offenders Near Your Home

Here's another aspect of "knowing your neighbors" that's very important to your safety, and especially that of your children. Find the locations for all registered sex offenders living or working near your home. In addition to giving you their address, and the crime(s) of which they've been convicted, it also

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Are You Leaving Your Mark?

By Debbie Lee

Many of you have those days that you remember that were life changing. For most of us, we remember our graduations, the day we married the love of our life, and the birth of our children. These events will always bring a smile to our face and joy to our hearts. Our lives were greatly impacted and the overall impact has been a blessing.

Not that our jobs don't bring frustrations and headaches at times, our spouses at times cause us to question our sanity, and our teenage children sometimes cause us to yearn for the empty nest, but overall we reflect and remember the good times, especially on the birthdays or anniversaries.

The anniversary that I remember today isn't one that your first response is that of blessings and laughter, trust me -- I've already shed many tears today.

Today, I remember 2 years ago, when

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John McCain's True Voice

"In the dog days of summer, John McCain's political personality has become so fuzzy that even some Republicans are worrying about his viability. But if you want a reminder of why McCain should be a formidable candidate, take another look at

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Help Indio Get His Sight Back!

Indio Indio is a beautiful young Siberian Husky that was rescued from a Tucson shelter last November. He came to us scared, sick and covered with bite wounds in varying stages of healing. He'd obviously had at least one run-in with another dog, or possibly a coyote. He had an intestinal infection and was terrified of everything. When he saw another dog, he would hit the ground. In the course of veterinary visits to treat his problems, we discovered that he's almost blind.

What does this article have to do with military families? Nothing, except that this family of veterans is caring for this handsome dog, and we're asking for your help.

IndioWe have had the privilege of serving as a foster home for Indio since November, and he's wiggled his way into our hearts! With lots of love he's regained his confidence, so he’s a much happier dog now. He has a very loving and affectionate personality.

But we've learned that Indio has juvenile cataracts and is almost blind. Since Indio is so young, less than 2 years old, we really want to give him his sight back if possible.

We'd be very grateful if you'd click on the donate button below, which will take you directly to ASHRA's PayPal account, where you can make a donation to help Indio. Even $5, $10, or $20 will help. If you can afford more, that would be wonderful. Your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you so much for any donation you can make!

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Update on Berkeley Marines

If you've been following the "Berkeley Marines" situation with us, and the other counter-recruitment nonsense across the country, we think you'll enjoy

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Where do we find such men (and women)?

"Where do we find such men and women?"

It's an age-old question used when describing the uncommon valor found in the American service men and women who defend our freedom on a daily basis, and especially those in combat situations.

It's the question that popped into my mind, along with tears in my eyes, five minutes into this Pentagon Channel special that follows the lives of several severely wounded warriors, to see how they are coping with their lives after combat. These service members were first featured in a Pentagon Channel program several years ago, while undergoing rehabilitation for their life-changing injuries. This program is a follow-up to report on their progress two years later.

The life of Army Staff Sgt. Jay Fondgren was changed forever in an instant in Iraq, when a "platter charge" took both his legs and

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Irish Thoughts on the Election

Mary Catherine wrote: An email from Ireland to all of our brethren in the States...a point to ponder despite your political affiliation: 'We, in

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Emotional Toll of War on Terror

The ongoing war on terror is exacting a heavy emotional toll on military families. This is no surprise. The life of the military family has never been an easy one, with frequent upheavals of the family and very little sense of control over their lives, not even the place where they live, even in peacetime. But the emotional toll of the war we find ourselves currently engaged in may be the heaviest of any previous generation of service members.

Why? In part because

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The Middle East Imperative

Brigadier General Jimmy L. Cash, USAF (Retired), was at one time the man with his finger on the nuclear trigger of this country, as head of our missile defense and response complex.

General Cash "was the only person who could initiate a nuclear attack after advising the sitting President of a missile launch by our enemies and our need to respond. No political or civilian type in the US had more knowledge about day to day military actions around the world."

Here, General Cash explains the critical importance of completing our mission in Iraq. It should be noted that he is neither Democrat nor Republican. I hope that you will read it with an open mind, and seriously consider what he says.

The future of this great country depends on enough voters understanding what General Cash is saying, before the election in November!

This article was written before it became apparent that Barack Obama was the presumptive Democratic party nominee for President. But it bears re-reading, especially in light of the recent rise in oil prices.

If you care about the future of America, this is one article you can't miss!

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Support American Soldiers

Support American Soldiers is a new initiative designed to encourage Americans to pick up the cost of a meal or snack for service members traveling in uniform as a means of showing our gratitude for their service. It was inspired by a

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Obama Afraid of Military Town Hall?

Military Town Hall meeting apparently is too scary for Obama!

Remember Democratic front-runner Barack Obama's oft-repeated assertion that he'd be happy to debate John McCain "anytime, anywhere" on foreign policy, Iraq, etc.?

Well, a group in Texas has called Obama's bluff, and it turns out that's exactly what it was. Once again, it has been

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Obama or McCain?

Here's a copy of a very clear and concise article by Thomas Sowell. It made me realize what a mistake it would be to not vote in this election

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July 4 Re-Enlistment in Baghdad

In a July 4 re-enlistment ceremony in Baghdad, more than 1,200 U.S. military members took the oath for re-enlistment in the U.S. armed forces, double the number who did so last year. General David Petraeus, Commanding General, Multi-National Force Iraq, administered the oath in the rotunda of Saddam's Al Faw Palace. No doubt the former Iraqi dictator rolled over in his grave.

Much to the chagrin of the anti-war crowd in the U.S., the surge they so loudly opposed is working, violence is down sharply in Iraq, the country is becoming more stable as Iraqis step up to assume responsibility for their future, and the troops are re-enlisting in record numbers to continue the mission there which they so strongly believe in. Too bad the mainstream media in America doesn't find that newsworthy. Thanks to the internet, Americans can enjoy freedom of the press again, where ALL the news can be reported, not just the stories that support the liberal agenda.

Click the permalink below for the story and photo (it's impressive!).

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Declare Your Own Financial Independence!

But do it soon! Special expires midnight Sunday, July 6.

Special SiteSell PromotionAre you ready to declare your financial independence from that grouch of a boss? Save some money by eliminating your commute at today's gas prices? Well, you can! And it's easier than you might think.

We'd like to introduce you to the company that helps us build and show you how it can help you escape the rat race and gain financial freedom for your family.

It's not a get-rich-quick scheme -- it's about working hard to build your own business. But it works, and they won't nickel-and-dime you to death with every little add-on. You pay one very reasonable price, and that includes everything you need to build your own web site (even if you're like us, and can barely spell html).

There's no web experience needed. Their set of tools makes it easy for someone with no web experience to build a successful online web site that will generate extra cash for your family. Many build their sites part-time, after work, until it's generating enough income to allow them to quit their "job," and retire into their own business.

There's a step-by-step action guide to tell you exactly what to do, and in exactly what order. If you run into problems and need help, there's an outstanding community forum (more than 60 of them, actually) where you can post your detailed question and get a friendly, helpful answer and encouragement, usually in less than 24 hours -- sometimes in mere minutes.

It's like free tech support, any time, day or night. And it's the most helpful, supportive online community you'll find.

Are you ready to take the first step towards financial independence for your family? If so, click on the image above to go directly to the order page.

Have more questions? Need to investigate a bit more first? Click on the permalink just below and learn more.

Either way, make this the weekend you declare financial independence for YOUR family! Now THERE's a reason to celebrate!

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Celebrate America's Freedom!

As you celebrate freedom with your family on this Independence Day, pause for a moment of remembrance and thanks for our men and women in uniform, on the tip of the spear, standing watch around the world, keeping us safe at home.

An American Hero Remembered on the 4th of July

Petty Officer Second Class Marc Lee, U.S. Navy SEAL, wrote this letter home just after the Independence Day holiday in 2006, demonstrating a wisdom and maturity beyond his 28 years. One month later, Marc became the first Navy SEAL to die in Iraq, a hero standing out in the line of fire, not once, not twice, but THREE times, to save his buddies. Marc Lee was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions that day.

We have had the great honor of getting to know Marc's mom, Debbie Lee, who chose to become Marc's voice and continue spreading his message that our troops believe in their mission and believe that what they're doing is helping to make our world a better place.

We'd like to thank Debbie Lee for granting us permission to share Marc's letter with you, and we ask you to pause for a moment to honor his sacrifice, and that of countless others like him, and their families, as we celebrate our freedom on this 4th of July Independence Day holiday.

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Additional Military Families Qualify for Stimulus Payments

Additional military families now qualify for economic stimulus payments from the IRS.

Under the newly-enacted HEART Act (Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act of 2008), married members of the military may receive economic stimulus payments this fall, even if their spouses or children don't have Social Security numbers.

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USAA Offers New Car-Buying Service

USAA, the financial services giant that serves only military members and their families, has announced a new car-buying service. The recent launch of the Online Auto Loan and Car-Buying Service allows USAA members to handle all the steps of buying a car - from choosing the car to financing to arranging insurance - without ever having to leave home. This new service will save members money and create a vast improvement in the dreaded car-buying experience.

This is yet another example of USAA's ongoing commitment to provide its members with the finest financial products and services no matter where they are — in the comfort of their home, in a tent in the desert, or on a ship at sea.

USAA membership and benefits.

More information about USAA's car-buying service.

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Connecticut Offers Free Tuition

The State of Connecticut offers FREE tuition at any of its state colleges or universities to eligible active duty military personnel and veterans.

In May, the legislature passed, and the governor signed into law, a measure that extends the offer of free tuition to the surviving spouse and children of military personnel killed on active duty.

For more information, please click the link below.

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New Widget Adds AFPS News

We've just added a new widget to the right of our blog page that will provide you with the latest news feed from the American Forces Press Service, to help keep you up to date with news and announcements from the Department of Defense. We hope you find it useful!

"location, location, location"

Garcia, from P-town, writes: Well, I see the USMC Captain did a fine job for himself, his branch of The Service and his reasons for picking Berkeley.

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Why a Service Academy?

Why would a young man of college age choose the austere, hard-working life at a service academy over the life of a "frat rat" at a party college? Here's one young cadet's answer. . . . We're sure you'll be as impressed as we were.

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McCain's 100 Years in Iraq

Remember the flap about John McCain's "100 years in Iraq" comment? No doubt you'll hear it again before the election.

During the primary season, the same radical left-wing group responsible for the cowardly smear against General Petraeus aired an ad featuring a mother with her infant son on her lap, asking John McCain, "When you talked about 100 years in Iraq, were you counting on Alex? Because if you were, you can't have him."

See the response from a Marine Corps wife and mom. Click the link below.

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Talk to a Human

Don't you hate those annoying automated answering systems you get when attempting to reach a company's customer service department? It seems like an endless loop, and there aren't any options that say "Let me talk to a real person."

Well, we just found a web site that may help solve that problem. The next time you get frustrated by an automated phone system, check out

You can either type in the name of the company you want, or browse their list of companies, for instructions on how to bypass that particular company's automated system and get to a real human person (but no guarantee they'll be polite or helpful)! We're definitely bookmarking this one. You probably will, too.

Click for more info

Red Cross Warns of Scam

This scam was first reported about a year ago (see below), but the Red Cross has just issued a new warning. Apparently, someone thought it was a good scam and decided to resurrect it with a slight twist. As always, be careful not to give ANY personal information to a stranger, even if he or she claims to be from the Red Cross. Rememember, the Red Cross does not make

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Thank You so very much

Julie writes: How often do we neglect to day the words to others that are so important to hear and say? I am the single Mom of a 2-yr-old son with

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Support H.R. 6023

The Freedom to Serve Act, H.R. 6023, introduced by Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), would make the recent attacks on military recruiters a federal crime. It's about time!

National Review Online called our attention to this Congressional response to the anti-war anarchists attacking our military and its recruiters:

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Obama, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Mary writes: Do not be fooled by this man, who I believe to be the most dangerous man in America and our time. He is skilled in creating chaos and

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Hope You Are Safe

I am a military wife and i didn't understand why someone would put their life on the line for people that didn't support you and who protest about the

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The Angry White Man

An opinion piece in the Aspen Times Weekly last week caught my eye, and I wanted to contribute it to your discussion. He makes a good point. With

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Obama Needs White
Blue-Collar Vote

Michael, of Elkins, WV, writes: If Obama cannot win the white blue-collar vote, he won't win the election. Editor's Note: According to Chris

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What election ? Not likely

Simelius, of Washinton says, I am certain there will be no 2008 presidential election, martial law will be declared by Nov 2008 to postpone elections

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Does Our Vote Really Matter?

Al Gore was elected President of the United States by the American people. Yet Bush won based on the electoral college. In this election we find out

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Veterans May Now Salute the Flag

The Defense Authorization Act of 2008, signed by President Bush in January, includes a change to previous law that now makes it permissible for veterans and service members not in uniform to render honors to the flag with a

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